[Global 1940] Research Track and New Air Combat

  • Hi Guys,
    I’m new here , lots of good stuff . I’ve been working on some house rules for some time and currently playtesting them a little on my own. I’d like to share them and I’m sure some of this has been done or worked on before. What I haven’t work into the mix is Event Cards or anything like that. The rule book is still be organized a bit but everything is in there.
    [Research Track.pdf](/forums/assets/uploadsAxis & Allies Global Rules.pdf /files/1648347629986-research-track.pdf) National Production Chart.pdf

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    Hi @trevorh Couldn’t dl your rules. Also you probably want to move this to House Rules under Customizations.

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    @trevorh would be good to post a summary here of the changes with some discussion or thoughts - I see you’ve rebalanced naval costs for example, added fortifications, and various research objectives etc.

    Nice work seamlessly integrating the rules with the G40 rulebook - although that does cut both ways - harder to pick out which changes you’ve made 🙂

  • @vodot Funny you mention that. I opened the PDF up and thought, “How the heck are people going to know what changed without reading through all of it.” There are little nuances here and there that have changed and I’ll try to highlight some ideas. My biggest goal was to give a reason to purchase these different units. Back in the day, Tanks and Infantry, Tanks and Infantry. I know I’m saying nothing new here. 😉

    Air Combat is probably the biggest change. Each unit has a Air Factor value and these are simply added together when a group attacks and defends. One roll is made for each side and referencing a chart which show air units that are destroyed and units turned back (aborted) – of both sides. Remaining units, if any, continue the attack. Air units attack just once in combat, be it strategically or a ground attack with other ground units after AA fire (no more inherent AA in facilities). Then they are done. And for giggles, you can use a national training chart to add/subtract to the dice roll. The training has to be maintained from turn to turn so there is an IPC cost to that.

    Then there’s cost adjustments to the units. Fighters are “cheap” now. They don’t attack/defend like in the regular game. For me this has simulated air combat better, especially with carriers.

    There are changes to the setup a little, and in the political situation section some Powers have some additional abilities. I combined the UK economies as well. It has worked so far. The UK gets only minor complexes to work with. (they can still produce large ships, etc. in London. They cannot upgrade complexes). However, if London is taken, they can move their government to a new location – it’s an “empire” theme.

    Changes in the Unit profiles, little adjustments. Using a build process for facilities. (I think I need to adjust the cost down on these a little). And the air and naval bases having value on islands. Again, this is not new but I think it really helps the game in some areas.

    The research track was another big change. Lots of projects, the cost of the die is only 3 IPCs but it might be a few turns before you see the fruits of your effort.

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    @trevorh said in [Global 1940] Research Track and New Air Combat:

    “How the heck are people going to know what changed without reading through all of it.”

    ahh … I didn’t realize the changes were in the rulebook. Yea I agree with Vodot. It’d be good to have all the changes listed separately as well. I’d also change the name of the Rulebook so people know it’s different than the original.

    Air combat looks interesting. I’ll need to read through it.

  • @barnee I’ll have to sift through it and note the changes. The air rules chart needs a little tweaking, or simplifying. Doesn’t need to be so large and I can cull it down to just a die throw to resolve. It does play a lot different though, and separates the air and land combat, making the air units more supportive in nature.

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    You have more people to help with play testing ?
    What results you getting from this extra planes ?
    Anybody buying AC for 24 icps ?

  • @general-6-stars I need to makes some adjustments but would like some feedback on the air combat. In my view, there is a propensity to fight more with air units if possible to try and establish that air superiority. The fleet carriers carry more air units and fight more like carriers now. Since fighters are more air defense, their value is allowing the bombers to get through if possible and in defense of air attacks. They don’t have that huge attack/defend of the normal system so their cost is much lower. It’s a balance.

    There are little things, for example: a Tactical bomber rolling a “1” when attacking, the player chooses the target. You might not kill a fleet carrier but you can definitely put it out of action. Should that attacker send all his fighter units, he won’t have anything to defend his own carriers in a counter-attack. Should the defender in the above scenario use all his fighters to defend, he won’t have anything to accompany the bombers in that counter attack.

    As I mentioned earlier in a post, I think I need to adjust the large Air Chart and not make it so deadly or difficult or large of a spread on the numbers. It gets too easy for a couple of fighters to turn back an attack twice its size. They might not destroy but one unit however they end up turning the bombers back. (which is their job).

    Keep in mind, air units only attack once in a supportive role. Then they are done for that round. The cruisers are modeled after the CLAA class US cruisers so they have an AA ability. Nobody buys them otherwise.

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    Your on the right track. My figs dog fight same time as attacking and defending battles. Keep in mind most wontnplay with air superiority in a game. Plus my cruisers have aa and Tacs can pick target first round. I can send u my
    Stuff on that. Would need more of a breakdown of your stuff and a better understanding of your plane action.

  • @general-6-stars Yes, I would like to see that.

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