Allied Bids - What are the common rules on placement?

  • What is the most common rule out there for how many units can be placed for an Allied bid?

    So say the Allies are given a 30 IPC bid. Could they theoretically place all 30 IPCs in a single territory (that they control of course)?

    Just want to get an idea on this for a game coming up.


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    From the current League Rules:

    4b Bidding - Bidding is normally used to ensure that both players are satisfied with the side they are playing. Bidding is not required - whatever the players agree to, for mutually satisfactory rules and starting conditions, is allowed.

    Default settings for bidding:

    1. Limit one bid unit in a territory or sea zone.

    2. The nation placing a unit in a territory or sea zone must have started with a unit in said territory or sea zone prior to placing the bid.

    3. China is limited to bid units of: Infantry, Artillery and/or Fighters (the units China is legally able to purchase or start the game with.) These units are still limited to movement/placement restrictions of Chinese units.

  • Appreciate the quick reply.

  • Always try to put one Anzac infantry in New Guinea. Such a placement is totally against the default settings, but for some reason you can get away with it about half the time. If they call you out for violating the settings, ask for additional 7 IPCs for your bid to make up for your inability to put a soldier in Port Moresby.

  • Might just be easier to actualy bid a specific placement then. As there are no unclear things no misunderstandings. 1 sub from UK on ZS 110 ( for example ) cannot be misunderstood in anyway.

    Also allows for more creative and flexible bids you could bid units in spots you dont have them yet or get multiple units in an area as long as your opponent doesnt mind.

    As bidding is a house rule and some have different rules then others.

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