China and North Korea vs. South Korea, Japan, Taiwan

  • Oh ok, yeah I don’t think anyone wants to fire nukes (or be the aggressor in a conventional war) in the Korea’s or Taiwan.  However, it seems that North Korea is a bit of a loose cannon, who knows what they will do.

  • @Imperious:

    This would likely happen. BUT what if Russia joins China and N. Korea?

    Russia does not do that anymore. They only support UN with block votes with middle east nations that have warm water ports. They block our votes and remain silent on human rights issues, so those regimes can stay alive. They won’t “join” China in anything because that will trigger a world war. All they care about is their own interests, not helping China. If anything they would be on the UN’s side IMO.

    It’s entirely possible that China will make a play for Taiwan and in this time N Korea might invade the south, but to link them as allies in a common front won’t happen. China wants to ship her goods and look presidential. Korea is a rogue nation and already isolated. China wants no part of that.

    So what will likely happen is N Korea invades south, China does nothing with Taiwan. Result is Korea gets overthrown and defeated once their crappy army gets thrown back and logistical lines get cut.


  • There’s a difference in playing ‘chicken’ and saber rattling than actually joining a war.

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    WE would win a war in Asia between Asians.  They would die.  We would live.

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    We will not send in our Guys into a conflict, wich asian guys better solve them selfs…

    …ah what was his name again?!?.. 8-)

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