Will North Korea launch nuclear missiles towards the U.S.A

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    The spelling of  “Butt” has a special meaning to me and a few other posters from other sites who also post here. It was a hidden joke of sorts.

  • I think we found that Sir Mix-a-lot plays board games.

  • @Adlertag:



    This whole thread is political.

    Yes, but it has not devolved into the bashing, blame-slinging, so-and-so politician is an a%#hat, sort of stuff that got the political discussion board shut down. It has remained civil and avoided any sort of ‘partisan bent’ and been mostly a strategy discussion.

    Yes butt that korean retard jim jong sung II want to nuke us, man, he want to nuke us straigt to h*ll, and how bizare it must be, we are not allowed to call him names, because we must be political correct and not offend nor insult any criminal lame retard moron whatsoever, even if it is pretty obvious that it was just this kind of BS appeasement policy that got the world deep into st in 1939, and I figure that all this lame st is gonna happen again, a** it did last time, butt this time you cant blame it on europe.

    I also like the way he says a** it did last time. I wonder if that was on purpose? 😄

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