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    I’m a little confused on this.

    Can you do both strategic bombing and a conventional land attack in the same zone in the same turn?

    Can you do both convoy raiding and a conventional sea attack in the same zone in the same turn?

    If so, doesn’t this violate the general rule that you cannot do two combat moves in the same zone?

  • TripleA

    no. You cannot use the same bomber to bomb and attack, it does one or the other… but you can have 1 attack and one strat bomb.

    convoy happens at the end of the convoy player turn. it happening different turn! IT IS A HAPPENING!

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    Yes to both.
    Strategic bombing is combat, but against a facility, not units in a hex. It is also resolved 1st and any units involved cannot then be reused in any other combat.
    Convoy raiding is not a combat move. It is an attack on the projected economy and calculated in the collect income phase. A successful naval combat may Lead to convoy raiding.
    I hope I have been clear enough.

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    OK thanks!

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