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    This friday i`m going to play against a very strong allies player. I playes several times with OOB rules and now we are going to play Alpha 2. Can anyone help me saying what are the best 1st round moves for the axis, Germany, Japan and Italy!
    it would be a gigantic help.


  • Wipe out France and Southern France. Kill as much UK fleet as possible without losing planes. Take Finland, Yugo and Bulgaria. Make the UK buy infantry in England with the threat of an invasion (Most recommend a Carrier and two transports). Land a couple of Fighters in Southern Italy to make UK think about his imminent attack on the Italian fleet.

    With Japan I would buy 2 transports and 2 subs. Take as much of China as you can and block the Burma road. Move Strategic Bombers down to southern china for the eventual bombing of the Calcutta factory. Stage troops and existing transports for the invasion of the Hong Kong, the DEI and Malaysia. Take out Malaysia as soon as you can (not J1) to prevent ANZAC from getting 5 free IPCs.

    With Italy it depends on what you have left after the UK. Suffice it to say you will be buying ships. If the UK attacks, you may or may not want to scramble your German Fighters, depending on how strong he goes in there.

  • With Italy, if you uk fleet moves away, take greece and southern france in turn 1 and gibraltar in turn 2. You need NO income to matter as Italy. Also with Germany, crush the UK cruiser at Gibraltar to help the Italian fleet.

  • Ha!  Going off what Admiral Darlan said, if the Brit player removes his fleet from the Med then you should be able to win.  That’s a huge strategic blunder and it probably means he will make more large mistakes.  I do agree with his mention of killing the CA off Gibraltar.

    Really though, the Brits should never vacate the Med on the first turn, they should stay and try and deprive Italy of its NO’s.

  • JimmyHat, if you are the UK - what do you do with the fleet in the Med? Attack the Italians or just stay there next to Egypt?

  • i strongly agree with buying transports even if the uk buy inf and u decide to not attack london u can use them versus russia.

  • You have a few options, one time I split my UK fleet, Italy and Germ don’t have enough assets combined to clear the med in 1 turn, after that I can retreat to Red sea or perhaps out the Atlantic.  Another option is to use ships as blockers (depriving surface ship NO) and flee, and a third option is hole up off egypt.  Of course the other option is to hit Italian fleet, which I don’t do unless he didn’t support with Germans, and also to hit Tobruk which can be a good move too.

    If you go to Tobruk you can stage aircraft in Gib for air support.  A lot of this is dependant on what the Germans did.  For instance, did they take SFrance and its Naval base?

  • i have to agree with mantlefan.  I like a strong italy usually taking all of africa and them having southern france and greece helps them alot with early ipcs.

  • Good point

  • doesnt happen every game just generally what i shot for as italy can get huge if you give it a chance.

  • @mantlefan:

    What I don’t get is why so many people blow valuable mobile units attacking South France with Germany. It’s an easy battle for italy, they need the IPC, and the 2 inf 2 art Italy uses aren;t useful too many other places I1. Plus the 4 extra units in france or normandy free up more planes to have more dominant victories agianst the brit navy. South France G1 is a terrible idea in my opinion.

    I think the reason youd (my appostrophe botton doesnt work)want to get Southern France is mainly that Germany gets access to the Med, therebye helping Italy taking control of the Med, Africa and the Middle East by investing in a CV (aircraft carrier) and a couple of transports. Havent tried it myself, and by using recources down there Germany will ofcourse be a bit weaker when up against the Sovjets, but could be worth it in the long run…?

    This strategy would imply that you skip attacking Normandie on G1, so you want need to use any planes in the attack on France. I suggest using three of Germanys mechs + the fighter from Slovakia/ Hungary to take down the inf & art in Southern France. You can than fortify the tt with some italian troops on I1.

    Anyone tried this strategy?

  • Agree with mantlefan here. Ever built an IC in Yugo though?

  • So, what are the advantages of buying an IC in Yugo? Because its nearer to the USSR? So youll be able to produce ground troops there as well?

    My thought is that Yugo isnt close enough to the USSR to justify using the IPCs on building one. Its probably better to go for a capture of the IC in Ukraine, pluss buying an additional in Western Ukraine, if you consider yourself strong enough to hold it.

    Any suggestions when it comes to buying a German IC in general?

    Anyway, while letting the Germany get S. France and free access to the Med, Italy can be compensated by capturing Normandie on I2, thus getting some much needed income. And with the Germans backing Italy a little in the Med, the Italians could get the upper hand on the UK in Africa/ The Middle East, and be the dominant power Moussolini was dreaming of. Not helping Italy and rather save the money for the war against USSR could easily back-fire on you in the long run, when the UK is earning all those IPCs from Africa/ The Middle East.

  • Southern France is better to be in the hands of Germany,  the minor fact. and the naval base means Germany can deploy Naval units in the Med.  I have seen where Germany has put a Carrier in the Med.  I think it was on G4 or G3  it was a good option after a successful sea lion and I wanted to control  the Med. and move into the Atlantic  to keep the U.S.A. out of the German occupied U.K. ,  if you try it and it does’t work , that does’t mean it wasnt a good strat. a lot depends on how the game progresses, and who has the hot rolls.  I think you know that already  so give it a try and good luck!!!

  • Germany did have a successful sea lion and the Axis tallied a victory. As far as first round moves  the Axis have to be aggressive early the longer you wait the more the odds are that the Allies are going to win,  (they have more and more money and N.O.'s ).  For G1 I like  1CV,  1dd,  1sub.  G2  2trans  2subs 1fighter and the rest on Mechs Arm Art & Inf  and you need to take France down and out.  Out of the 13 games we’ve sat down to I think France has survived 3 or 4 times  this is because of bad rolls and or not sending enough in to get all the required hits in the first few rolls.  For Japan I like to get 2subs and 2 trans on J1,  I attack China all out  I also attack Russia on J1  the 12$ is more  than the 10$ for not going to war even though it is only a one time deal, but your taking $ out of U.S.S.R.'s pocket and putting it in yours.  Japan and Germany have to work together on squeezing Russia, move your navy from Japan to the Carolines  and set up to take as many N.O.'s as you can solomans = no N.O. for ANZAC Hawaii = no N.O. for USA Philippines =no N.O. for USA go for Hong Kong and F.I.C.  On J2 I’ll buy a sub a trans maybe a minor fact or Cruiser , it really depends on how well I roll and how well my enemy rolls. I also head down to ANZAC terr., scare them into buying Inf to hold their Island , then try to follow history and take as many Islands as possible. I would rather take it to them while the odds are closer to 1-1 than waiting until the odds are 4-1 Allies favor  Four times I’ve pulled Japan out of the hat and 2 times the Axis were victorious and they were not 20 round games, the longer round games ALWAYS seem to favor the Allies.  We dont play V.C.'s  one side or the other quits, we also dont beat a dead horse.

  • Next time I draw Germany and I have 2 or 3 Carr.'s I might just try for the USA especially if they dump in the Pacific to counter Japan. I dont think it’s lack of experience on our table 4 of the 6 players have been playing this game and others like this (W.A.W. the grand Daddy, Carr. war , Panzer Blitz and others) since the mid 80’s  the other 2 have about 15 yrs exp  Hey if it doesnt work out its only a game and we reset, we average about 2 games a weekend,

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