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  • Anyone have some new, different or unique strategy suggestions for the Axis?  I’ll be playing the Axis this weekend and am willing to try some new ideas.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Do a neutral blitz.

  • Attack Russia G1.

  • Japan takes South Africa.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    All forces concentrate on the full capture of the south-america for the win.

  • Build German minor ICs in Brazil and Venezuela, and Japanese ones in Chile and Argentina.  Germany can openers Panama with armor units blitzing thru Columbia, and then Japan exploits with tanks from Columbia up into Mexico.  Next turn Germany leapfrogs into Central US and then Japan pushes through to take Washington.  Done it lots of times.

  • @Spendo02:

    Anyone have some new, different or unique strategy suggestions for the Axis?  I’ll be playing the Axis this weekend and am willing to try some new ideas.

    I like the London/Ottawa take over. Just build the crap out of London once you take it and go for a Canadian invasion.

    I would never try this myself, it just seems interesting. In my opinion, if your gonna devote a lot of time to play a global game, you should probably go for the standard win, otherwise you might just end up wasting an entire weekend for a few hours of “oh, this is interesting”. The most fun thing for me is a solid game of global, but if you wanna land Germans in Brazil, be my guest.

  • Attack the Allies on J1.
    Watch everyone not know what to do.

  • @Alsch91:

    Attack the Allies on J1.
    Watch everyone not know what to do.

    All of the allies. Russia, the Philippines, Pearl Harbor, and Hong Kong. Also French Indochina. I tried it in a game, and I did reasonably well as Japan. Germany won the game for me, because everyone was concentrated on kicking my ass.

  • Don’t fight China. Take all the forces Japan has in China. March them north to Korea where the Chinese can’t get them and invade the Soviet Union strongly. The 18 infantry will crumble and then the SU will be sending units out to the east before you know it and giving Germany indirect help. I like building a major IC in Korea also. This way I can send tanks and trucks to support infantry that are hopefully two thirds their way to Moscow and Stalingrad.

  • Try to hit the U.S.A., make it look like Sealion that moves to Gibraltar (G3)  sink all the boats in 110 & 111. With japan stage at the Carolines and look like Sydney is the main target and hit Hawaii, also keep plenty in S.Z.6 and also hit Alaska. also use yor fleet to take out the Philippines ( J3 ) if you get lucky you could walk away with a victory, if not then reset and try an Operation Barbarossa ( G2 )
      Always keep lots of presure on China it can equal 12 more I.P.C.'s in your pocket

  • Like everyone said: Invade S. America, Germany take Brazil, venuzula, peru, guinea and the rest for Japan. The Invade up into America and Canada. Italy take over Egypt then the middle east and maybe west India.
    Japan take over the pacific and China plus India. Germany, Take over all of Europe and Russia. 😄 :lol:

    I is possible though? :? 😄

    No wait, Switzerland took over the world why we were talking 😢

  • @empireman:

    No wait, Switzerland took over the world why we were talking 😢

    Good point.

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    Do nothing.  Just turtle. See what the allies do.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Oh Right Karl, because that’s EXACTLY what you would want isn’t it?

    Typical Commie response.

  • I had never attempted it, so I built the Minor IC for Japan on the mainland (Manchuria).  Ends up this is better than  Korea because I believe only the Chinese can take that IC and they can’t utilize it anyways.

    I moved almost the entirety of Japan’s aircraft to support units moving across Eastern Russia after denying the Chinese the Burma Road for 2 or 3 (I forget now) turns.  After that I ignored the Chinese and focused on defending Tokyo and advancing to Moscow.  Japan had good success on J2 of removing the majority of the Allied fleets from the Pacific - with the exception of the US fleet that found its way to Sydney.  US did make a move on Tokyo, but I got my fleet back in time and was able to sink the fleet.  The US then abandoned the pacific, but not before sending a bomber from Hawaii to SZ6 to destroy my 6 undefended Trn (Aircraft were not on Tokyo) and land on a Mongolian territory.

    Germany sent primarily stacks upon stacks of Infantry towards Moscow in a long drawn out process.  I supported their advances with Ftr/Tac or Bomber combinations and one stack benefitted from a stack of 9 Tanks with a few TacB on them.  Russia had an issue where a counter attack weakened its stacks punching power against my large infantry stacks, but if it tried to defend, Germany had plenty of infantry being supported by aircraft to roll over it.

    Italy collected at one point 41 IPC, but was largely irrelevant in the advance on Moscow, and instead assisted Germany’s defense of Paris and W.Germany (I lost it and had to reclaim it).  The combined moves of Italy and Germany were able to repel (after losing) Normandy and Holland multiple times.  I thought to do it but missed the opportunity to disable the NB in Gibraltar with Italy which allowed the US to get into W.Germany.

    In the end, Italy held Egypt, and Rome.  Germany held Berlin, Warsaw, Paris, Leningrad and took Moscow.  Japan held Stalingrad.  That was the VC Victory.

    Moscow was not possible to take down in one round, but between SBR runs from both Japanese and German Bombers I was able to cut down their production immensely and after 3 rounds of ground units supported by aircraft the double hits from Japan and Germany burt Moscow down.  I don’t know if Russia got lucky or not, but I lost half my Bombers on the SBR runs over 3 rounds of it.

    The Allies made one more move to reclaim a VC (Paris) after I ignored the invasion force that landed on Normandy and instead stacked 10 Inf from N.Italy on Paris and kept the German units there and reinforced them.  They were not successful.  Rome was their other option, but I had 15 Inf, 2 Italian Ftr and 3 German Ftr and 4 German Tnk there.  Their last option was Egypt, but their primary forces were on Normandy and out of position to reach it before the round concluded.

    Looking at it all, I think the US should have largely ignored trying to get into France (I think they landed sizeable forces there for 4 or 5 rounds) and instead moved against Egypt.  It is the hardest VC to reinforce, especially once the US gets into the Med.

    I was also surprised with the freedom the Allies had in the Atlantic, they never took Denmark and let the UK sneak units through to Berlin.

  • Very nice report. Sounds like some mistakes were maid on both sides, but that’s what it’s all about, trying to capitalize on it. Did you use what ppl are calling Alpha+3.9 (newest). Finally what round did the game end on, and about how long was it?

  • We started around 930 AM on Saturday and finished about 12 hours later.  It was only 1 on 1, so the game moved slower than if we had less countries to control.

    I believe the game ended on round 9, possibly 10?  We stopped keeping track because we had other plans for the evening and blitzed through the last round or two because it became obvious what was happening and what needed to happen to delay an Axis VC victory.

  • 10 rounds, 12 hours is about right. Our 2 on 2 games seem to go longer then 1 on 1. Maybe we just BS too much with a partner.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Yes BILL, Mistakes were maid.  😛

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