TripleA for G40 is sweetness!!!

  • Seth, I believe tacs and ftrs can “scramble” together, but only ftrs “intercept” whereas tacs “bomb” with stratbmrs.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    A) China can still hide in the Himilayas…  😛
    B) I have to say, I am still not impressed.  It is very much like Hasbro’s (yea I just cursed it, deal!) and it still doesnt “feel” right to me
    C) Why is there such hatred to Battlemap?  It’s not as cruddy as mapview and it doesnt require the overhead of tripleA…

    Now what I like:

    AI is improved…
    I can play by myself
    It has neat little animations, icons and sounds for my kids, so they want to play.

  • Man Cmdr Jennifer you are cold.

    Veqryn has transformed Triplea from something that let you play revised, through a fight with hasbro, and into something that let you play G40 extremely easily.  Maybe sometime in the next few months we’ll have a beta version of 1914 as well to play!

    Can’t say I can complain about Triplea at all.

  • Triple A is easily, hands down, my preferred method of playing turn based strategy games.  So many great options and flexibility to ensure things are governed by the engine.  Personally I feel all the added features are nice and since you can turn them all off with a single click they are also not a distraction if I wish to eliminate them from play.  Many add to the atmosphere of the game and while they might appeal to the more juvenile side of my personality isn’t that what escaping to the fantasy of a video game is all about?

    Cmdr Jennifer obviously all the efforts you have put into ABattlemap make you biased  towards your own work, and that is understandable.

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