TripleA New Options?

  • I wanted to start a forum where we could suggest some new functionality to tripleA to the developers. I know you guys are busy, but I thought it would be nice to give some ideas your users have.

    Here are some I had:

    1. If you click on a territory you can set up “options” for it. Some people might have ideas for more, but one option I would like to see is changing the default causulities for PBEM games. It could be “Offensive Mode”: It will take allies that are in the territory as casulties before taking the owner of the territory’s units as causalities. I think this is the way the game is by default. “Defensive Mode” it will take infantry first, artillery…etc. and ignore which country owns the unit. The last units that will be taken are aircraft then. It will keep the defense value of the territory high for as long as possible.

    2. I was wondering if there was a way to store game files online (like google documents) so that people could play without actually having to email game files to each other. I think there could be other advantages to this. You would not need to have all the battle results emailed to you to keep track of battles. There could be a log file that is attached to the file that is stored online.

    If anybody has anything else to add please do…

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