An Axis and Allies Global 1940 TripleA "puzzle" if you have a lot of time (or as I like to call it, Axis and Allies Jumbo)

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    If you want, here’s a solution. Game isn’t over completely, but Germany just got sacked.

    Russia fell, but is a rolling army.
    Japan was always a mess and I pushed them over the cliff
    US is building solely on the Atlantic now to push for territory
    Brits are everywhere
    Italy was the real wildcard. They had perfect central position and 20+ bombers! I could only stack CVs and try to put a toe in N Africa. However, they eventually sacrificed the entire stack to reduce Russia, which worked but was a pyrrhic victory. Sure, Germans could push them out, but Italy was never the threat again.

    The AI (even on hard) still doesn’t protect transports, nor continually maintain focus on a goal. There were several fleets that just wandered around the board. Easily isolated. And the massive bomber fleets kept moving around without a definitive goal and eventually got outmaneuvered.



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    What!? What!? What!? What!?

    You. Actually. Freaking. Did it!

    I’m very impressed. You’re a better player than me, no questions asked.

  • @surfer

    Sadly, I couldn’t access the file because my version of TripleA wasn’t the correct version. I’ll just take your word for it (although if you can, I would appreciate it very much if you somehow made it compatible with an older version if that’s possible).

  • @SuperbattleshipYamato
    I don’t know of a way to revert to older game. Perhaps @Panther has a suggestion?

    However, it is very easy to download and install 2.6 (pre-release) version of TripleA. If you don’t want to overwrite the existing code – important if you have ongoing games, no problem. When you install, the installer will ask if you want to replace the existing game or install as “additional game” (I don’t remember the exact verbiage but it basically choose to overwrite the existing game or have 2 versions). Choose the additional game option

    Using 2.6 has the added benefit that posting to forum works.

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    I know, but after I ostensibly downloaded it nothing changed.

  • @SuperbattleshipYamato did you download the pre-release version (link at bottom of download page)? If you just hit download, you’ll get the latest release version = 2.5

  • @surfer

    Thank you so much! It worked.

    I haven’t finished looking through it yet, but the hard AI is indeed incompetent, even if it can come up with a few good moves.

    Were my moves in the first three turns good? Do you think they helped you or hurt you subsequently? Thank you!

  • @surfer said in An Axis and Allies Global 1940 TripleA “puzzle” if you have a lot of time (or as I like to call it, Axis and Allies Jumbo):

    Perhaps @Panther has a suggestion?

    You can install as many versions of TripleA as you want. Only be sure to install them into different installation folders. Execute TripleA.exe from there, then.

  • @Panther

    That’s what I did. It works. Thanks for answering anyway. :+1:

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    @SuperbattleshipYamato Regarding Bid + first 3 moves:

    Before I answer, I have a question since I’ve never dealt with such a large bid before and had both sides receive a bid. How do you decide where you can put units? Normal rule is 1 unit per existing territory with armies. That couldn’t work here.
    So were there any limits on # units per space?
    And timing? Did you bid purchase in turn order? i.e., Did the Russians see what the Germans were buying before purchasing their own units?

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    Did the bid in purchase order, just put the bids wherever, no limit.

    As you can see with map options though, they’re more or less evenly apportioned between the Allied powers (same with the Axis), with the major powers having a higher bid.

    The limit is that you van only place a bid where you already have a unit.

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    Ok,with those constraints.
    The Japanese and Germans went heavy on air and ships.
    Thus the Russians should be heavy in infantry and AA. One bomber was eventually useful to help cover the Far East, but I think that was extravagant to go for 2.

    The American buy in the Pacific was useful. It made Philippines very tough to take and the computer didn’t.
    I don’t know what you planned to do with the Atlantic. The early game position made the Germans way too powerful to do anything and the bombers would require many CVs + ftrs to defend any invasions–no need to buy transports over there.

    China was great. The Brit + ANZAC land forces eventually linked up with the Chinese and made the game impossible for the Japanese. Big bonus to force the issue in the South so that Burma road bonus was in play.

    The Brits and French were IMHO the weakest part of this buy. Almost all of your bid units are wiped out in the first round. France is supposed to fall, but buying all inf + AA in France would have made the takeover painful. The ships in Med were lost causes due to their position and the bombers–so let them go…I really needed units in Egypt! Italy should have just wiped me from the map there. But surprisingly, they never came in force. I was able to make most battles negative TUV even if they were favorable odds for the Axis. So maybe that was the difference for the AI algorithm.

    First round battles
    I would not have attacked Japan with Russia in Far East. Minimal gain. Better to attack later once the main units leave. The exchange is about even and eliminates your Far East blockading force.

    The Brit attack in Kwangsi was great–but you should have sacrificed the transports. There were too many bombers around and the significant Brit fleet was sunk

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    Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I really messed up on those British and French bids.

    Thanks for the advice regarding the other bid purchases.

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