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  • In the global game… as well as National Objectives and Bonuses, does the USA still get an extra 30 IPCs if she is attacked by Japan before end of 3rd round? As suggested in the rules for 1940 Pacific)

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    yea it’s game on 🙂

  • @barnee
    so the answer is yes?

  • @Axisarmpit
    The answer is no.

    The extra $30 for Western USA is ONLY in the Pacific only game. If you are playing the Global version all National Objectives and Bonuses count however Western USA is only worth $10.

  • Let me rephrase that. In both games Western USA is worth $10. The NO for Western USA is worth $30 in Pacific only. In Global the NO for Eastern US, Central US and Western US (you have to control them all) is $10.

  • @AndrewAAGamer Thanks Andrew… Let the mega game begin

    Di you think the game as a whole is well balanced from setup?

  • Official Q&A

    To be clear, the 30 IPC payment that the US receives immediately upon an unprovoked declaration of war by Japan is not an NO. It is in addition to the US NOs. This payment occurs only in the Pacific game, and not in the Global game.

  • @Axisarmpit said in 1940 Global question:

    Di you think the game as a whole is well balanced from setup?

    Heck No!!! The Axis have a serious advantage. Usually a $30 to $60 Bid for the Allies to place troops immediately on the board is needed to make it even.

  • @AndrewAAGamer Hmmm interesting. Maybe that extra 30 to the Americans should stand?

  • @Axisarmpit Your view suprises me… but Ive never played this version before. At first glance Allies have good income and China looks like a solid pain in the neck for Japan.

    Ive a couple more questions.

    1. Where can China place her reinforcements? Im sure I read… anywhere. Does that mean if she gets 7 infantry straight off they can all go into any single Chinese territory?

    2. Can Russian units share the same territory as Chinese? Or are they mutually exclusive? ie they cant defend together.

    3. Same question for Brits and Chinese.

    4. Can Allied planes land in Chinese territory?

    5. In Kamikaze attacks… If I target a US carrier with two US planes on board and I score 2 hits… Do the US fighters go down as cargo? Maybe they can fly off if there was a safe place to land?

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    1 = yes you can place them all in one territory

    2 = yes but Russia has to be at war with Japan

    3 = yes but UK must be at war with Japan

    4 = yes but you must be allied with China. At war with Japan makes you allied with China

    5 = Not 100% sure here. A kamakazie attack is defensive which would mean the fighters should be airborne already which would allow them to move up to “One” space and land if carrier is sunk or damaged. You might wanna ask @Panther or Krieg about that as it’s a little different than normal combat. I think it takes place before combat but after combat move but ? 🙂

  • Official Q&A

    Kamikaze are a defensive weapon, which are resolved at the beginning of the combat phase, so the attacking air units have already launched from their carriers are not in danger (unless they are “guest” air units). As such, they will participate in combat even if their carrier is hit, and will have the remainder of their movement to land as normal afterwards.

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