• Hello All, I have found these threads to be very useful and enlightening on strategies, but alas I still have some newbie questions…

    1. Sealion - OK, i am understaning the premise of the G1 Buy and launch G2-G3 - however, what do you do with the subs before you launch - - Alpha 2 rules - take out UK navel units with air support?  Thoughts please, and thank you…

    2. Game  - - i have noticed that people on these boards are asking for players to play… is this through email ??  Web site??  what is playing with Tech… did I date my age here?  lol

    thanks everyone!

  • I can answer the first question.  Its important that Germ have 1 sub survive to round 2, this is to deprive UK of a 5 ipc NO.  Other than that you should attack whatever suits your fancy.  Leaving the UK fleet intact is probably a mistake, in fact 1 of those bb’s must go.  Also UK only has 2 trns to start, and they are valid targets as well.  Lastly, depending on with whom you plan on capturing SFrance with, you might want to slip a sub into the med early to contest the UK NO.

    1. There are a couple of worthwhile targets for the subs, you can go after sz106 or sz91 and take out the UK’s outlying ships. Of those two sz106 is the most important since that prevents extra units getting back to London to reinforce before Sealion.

    Alternatively you can attempt to take out sz110. Often times the UK will scramble there so if you’re going to do it you need overwhelming air-power. However Germany doesn’t have enough airforce to go after sz111,sz112,sz110 while sending planes to Normandy/France.

    I like having 2 subs in sz106, 2 sub in sz110, and 1 sub in sz111.

    1. People are playing by this forum usually, you can download Abattlemap and modules for Global 1940 and head over to the Find Players and Game Discussion thread to find a game.

    Head over to the TMTM mod post on this page for links to Abattlemap and the TMTM mod.

    Your also going to want to download the Func mod.

    Just paste the folders with the mods into the main Abattlemap folder.

    And no tech means you don’t play with technology in the game.

  • Thank you kindly!!

  • '10

    I’ve found floating a sub (or a couple!) on down off the west coast of Africa can work out pretty well.  Some nice convoy action down there to disrupt, and not many threats around.  Puts U.K. out of position if they come chase you down.

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