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    I guess my query is about all maps.
    Assuming you choose a nation with e.g. 11 bid.
    Can you buy 3 inf and keep the rest 2 ipc to use them on your turn? Or you lose them if you dont use them before the game starts?

  • @fatoumas

    I believe you lose them before the game starts. You have the bid to spend any combination of units that either exactly matches or closely matches the bid.

  • 2022 2021 '20

    Ok. Bids are a “house rule”, so anything goes.
    That said, the league had instituted a standard. For them, any IPCs not spent on bid units are saved for your first turn buy.
    It is just as if you had not spent all of your IPCs on a normal turn and saved for next.

  • @surfer

    Oh okay, it’s been a while since I’ve used bids so Im a bit cloudy with it

  • I’m usually against using bids for either side since to me that kind of defeats the purpose of defeating the other person with genuine authentic strategy instead of having to have more units to protect yourself, but that’s just me

  • 2022 2021 '20

    @thedesertfox Conversely, the bid is great way to “equalize” the game between players of different play levels. Also, most people who play Global find the Axis are overpowered with the OOB rules, and give the Allies a significant amount of IPCs.

  • @surfer

    I definitely do think the Axis can have an upper hand and sway in the OOB rules especially since the Allies have to take Berlin Rome and Tokyo

    Though its difficult, I typically play where the Allies need to take Berlin and Rome since those are actually duable to take, and as for Japan the Allies need to out Japan on such a state that they are rendered useless so basically there’s Allied bombing on tokyo, the Japanese navy is gone and their sphere of influence on the Pacific is crumbling so that’s the basic gist of it.

    The only country id give a bid to are the Soviets since Germany i feel is just way too strong when rolling through the USSR other than that America and the UK really don’t need it. They’re put in a position that requires an Allied player to play their cards precisely and efficiently

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    Thank you all for your replies.
    I also like to play with house rules but some maps are not balance and bid is essential in order to have a fair game. I guess this is applicable also to g40 but iam not an expert on this map so to be sure. But for example on 1941 map (simple version), if players have equal skills then Axis will always win without a bid for Allies .

    One more question pls. So bid is used on official tourneys? If yes i understand that there is a mutual agreement before game starts, but what is the most common bid rules? Or lets say the recommended bid rules?

    E.g. you cant place more than 1 unit on each territory / sz. You cant place units on enemies territories. Etc

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    @fatoumas yea it’s whatever players agree to. This is from the league

    4b Bidding - Bidding is normally used to ensure that both players are satisfied with the side they are playing. Bidding is not required - whatever the players agree to, for mutually satisfactory rules and starting conditions, is allowed.

    Default settings for bidding:

    1 Limit one bid unit in a territory or sea zone.
    2 The nation placing a unit in a territory or sea zone must have started with a unit in said territory or sea zone prior to placing the bid.
    3 China is limited to bid units of: Infantry, Artillery and/or Fighters (the units China is legally able to purchase or start the game with.) These units are still limited to movement/placement restrictions of Chinese units.

  • '20

    @barnee ty!

  • @shadowhawk

    Easier said than done though.

    Right off the bat Germany will be consistently making more money than both Britain and the Soviet Union having taken out the rest of Europe and thats before they start attacking the Soviet Union.

    Keeping the income advantage really only rests on America since the only change in their income will be losing the Philippines islands, as for everybody else, they can expect their IPC count to plummet with the combined strength of the Germans and Italians.

    Also, like I said, taking Rome and Berlin is on the table to accomplish, taking Tokyo however not so much since A) it’s on an island B) It’s gonna have lot’s of dudes on it and C) the Pacific is too big to build any assortment of floating bridge and would be too expensive, hence why we would end the game if Japan is limited to their home island plus maybe Korea since they’re pretty much dead in the water so there is no point in playing any further.

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