• A few naval questions.  I’ll also be posting similar questions on the 1941 board, because we played both games last weekend.

    1)  When placing a just-built Aircraft Carrier, can I also place fighters that I just built on it?  Can I Non-combat move a fighter I already have on the new carrier when I place new units?

    2)  If I’m attacking boats from 2 or more countries in the same seazone (ex-UK and France in 110) but I’m not using surface warships (Just planes and subs) can I choose to only attack the ships belonging to one power?

    3)  If yes, would a destroyer belonging to the country I’m NOT attacking still negate my subs surprise strike capabilities?

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    I just answered these on the 1941 board CB

  • Same rules apply to Global and 1941 games?

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    Generally the rules are the same but with additional complexity as you move to the bigger games.

    I say generally as there are lots of exceptions. But the basic game concepts do not change.

  • Generally speaking powers defend together. However in G40 there are powers that start off neutral (Russia and USA) or not at war with each other (like Japan and UK/France). You could have a case at sea when you attack a sz with units from multiple powers, and can ignore the units that belong to a power that you aren’t yet at war with.

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