• So my question is this. If I am Japan or any nation but using Japan for this. If I attack the Philippines and for my ground assault I bring the two planes from the Carolina islands off the carrier there and move the carrier with my naval fleet. Can the planes land back on the carrier in the sea zone the Philippines is in? Providing I win the sea battle and the carrier is not damaged?

  • Hi Vanerost,

    right now I have no A&A map at hand, but if the Caroline Islands are not farther away from the Philippine Islands than two sea zones (what I assume) the move should be legal.

    1. (Combat Move A) - Your carrier takes his two moves to sail to the SZ surrounding the Philippine Islands.
    2. (Combat Move B) - Your fighters take off from the SZ surrounding the Caroline Islands, use two moves to fly to the SZ surrounding the Philippine Islands and a third enter the Philippines.
    3. (Noncombat Move) - If your planes and the carrier survive the Combat Phase, the fighters use their fourth move to leave the Philippines, enter the surrounding SZ and land on the carrier.

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    It is two moves, so Hessian is correct.

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    You can also move the carrier during the noncombat phase to pick up the planes assuming you cleared the sz.  All you really need to do is demonstrate that you can land the planes somehow.  Even if you didn’t clear the sz you could still fly the planes to the Philippines and attack.  They would just crash and burn if you failed to clear the sz for them to land.  Also planes don’t have to land on the carrier they took off from.

  • Thank you guys. I thought it was legal the only thing that was tripping me up was the whole we don’t own the sea zone before the turn but you can’t own a sea zone so it is fine to land on a carrier that has taken a sea zone. Or that is my understanding. Thanks again for the info. It was one thing I was not sure on.

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