Anniversary - scrapping NOs and adding income in a different way?

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    I came across this question on Board Game Geek. A friend of mine has the same “problem” with Anniversary, so I wondered whether anyone is doing this, or has a good idea to share?

    Our game group plays A&A AE a lot and we are looking for a way to give the countries more income but without using national objectives. We like the way the game flows with more cash but we don’t like the static nature of the game when objectives are added.

    I was thinking of some kind of chart showing how much cash each country will get depending on what game turn it is. Maybe the average extra income for all those games played online could act as a base for this? Is that kind of data accessible somewhere?

    Many thanks

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    The same question was posted on this forum yesterday:

    Conceptually, the notion raises a couple of issues.  First, it seems to have a kind of “all the gain without the pain” undertone, i.e. the idea of wanting to have all the economic benefits of accomplishing national objectives but without doing any of the actual work.  On that point, my own feeling is that it would be more straightforward to just provide more income, without having an arguable rationale for it.  Second, it misses a point about national objectives: the point that they’re not automatically pursued by players, that they’re not automatically accomplished even when they are pursued, and that the various NOs play off of each other in different combinations in a given game deoending on which ones get accomplished and which ones don’t.  In other words, they’re variables rather than constants; the part of the question which inquires about a table seems to assume that they’re constants, or at least that they average out to being constants over the course of multiple games.

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    Thread closed to prevent from double discussion.

    Please continue here:

    Thank you 🙂

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