G40 Balance Mod - Rules and Download

  • Hey ya’ll, below is the official ruleset for ‘G40 Balance Mod.’ Attached is a playable saved-game file of the Mod (with the new national objectives and rule changes coded for easy playability). Simply load the file as you would any other saved game, and you’re good to go. Also, the new Rules are stated in the “Game Notes” panel.

    Global 1940 Second Edition - Balance Mod (with “Vichy France” Rule Set)

    Balance Mod Credits: Adam514, aznz, Deathbringer1974, dust, dss85, Gencre, regularkid


    Revised Air Raid Rules: Fighters attack and defend at 2. Strategic and tactical bombers attack at 1.

    Revised Capital Capture Rules: The capture of a player’s capital results in the plunder of that player’s PUs only the first time the capital is taken. Subsequent recapture of the same capital results in the player’s PUs being destroyed.

    New Unit - Marines: Cost 5; Attack at 1 (2 during amphibious assaults; no bonus from artillery); Defend at 2; Can be loaded onto cruisers and battleships (1 to a ship).

    Additional National Objectives


    • 3 PUs if Russia is at war with European Axis, and there are no non-Russian Allied units in any originally Russian territory.
    • 3 PUs for each originally German, Italian, or Pro-Axis neutral territory that Russia controls in mainland Europe. (This modifies Russia’s “Spread of Communism” objective).
    • 2 PUs for each of the following Lend-Lease lanes that is “open” (i.e., the specified Sea Zone has no enemy warships and the specified territory is Allied controlled) when Russia is at war with European Axis: (1) sz 125, Archangel ; (2) sz 80, Persia; (3) sz 5, Amur (This modifies Russia’s “Lend Lease” objective).
    • An additional 2 PUs per each “open” Lend-Lease lane, when Russia is at war with European Axis, if Japan has also declared war on Russia.

    Note: When not at war with Japan, Russia may not move its units into any non-Russian Allied territory in Asia, other than Syria, Trans-Jordan, Iraq, Persia, NorthWest Persia, and East Persia. Also, when not at war with Russia, Japan may not move its units into any originally Russian territory controlled by European Axis.


    • 5 PUs if Axis controls Dutch New Guinea, New Guinea, New Britain and Solomon Islands. (This modifies Japan’s “Strategic Perimeter” objective).
    • 5 PUs if Axis controls Midway, Wake Island, Guam.


    • 5 PUs if USA is at war and Allies control Midway, Wake Island, Guam.
    • 5 PUs if USA is at war and Allies control Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands, Paulau Island, Marianas.
    • 5 PUs if Allies control at least 2 of: Normandy Bordeaux, Holland Belgium, Southern France, and USA has at least one land unit in any of these territories.
    • 5 PUs if Allies control Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, and USA has at least one land unit in any of these territories.


    • 3 PUs if Allies control Yunnan, Szechwan, Burma, and India. (This modifies China’s “Burma Road” objective).
    • At the start of China’s turn, a Chinese infantry is spawned in each non-coastal Chinese territory under Axis control that is not garrisoned by at least one Axis land unit (i.e., infantry, marine, mech infantry, artillery, or armor). These “guerrillas” engage in combat wherever they are spawned and may not be moved until China’s next turn.


    • 3 PUs if UK Europe controls all its original territories. (This modifies UK’s “Original Territories” objective).
    • 3 PUs if Allies control at least 2 of: Sicily, Sardinia, Greece, Southern Italy, and Allies have at least one land unit in any of these territories.
    • 3 PUs if there are no enemy submarines in the Atlantic, excluding szs 112 and 125-127.
    • 3 PUs if Malta, Crete, and Cyprus are Allied or Pro-Allied controlled.
    • 3 PUs for UK Pacific when at war with the Japanese if: (1) British control West India and either Egypt or South Africa; and (2) there are no enemy submarines in the western half of the Indian Ocean (sz71,…,sz81).


    • 3 PUs if Malta, Cyprus, and Crete are Axis controlled.


    • 3 PUs if ANZAC is at war with the Japanese and Dutch New Guinea, New Guinea, New Britain and Solomon Islands are controlled by the Allies (other than the Dutch). (This modifies ANZAC’s “Strategic Islands” objective).
    • 3 PUs if ANZAC is at war with the Japanese and Gilbert Islands, Fiji, and Samoa are Allied controlled.


    The following rule-set simulates the circumstances and strategic consequences of the Franco-German Armistice, and is intended for play with the G40 Balance Mod.

    Game Conditions for Franco-German Armistice

    At the beginning of France’s turn, if the following conditions are met, the Franco-German Armistice will occur:

    1. Axis has control of both France and Normandy Bordeaux;
    2. Axis has never controlled Southern France; and
    3. There are no non-French, Allied units in Southern France.

    Game Consequences of Franco-German Armistice

    French Territorial Control: At the beginning of France’s first turn in which Armistice conditions are met, all originally French territories not already under Axis control immediately change ownership to Pro-Axis Neutrals, except: (1) French Equatorial Africa; (2) New Hebrides; (2) any French territories containing non-French allied units.

    With the exception of Southern France (see discussion of “Zone Libere” below), Vichy French territory works the same way as other Pro-Axis Neutral territory–i.e., an Axis player may capture Vichy French territory and commandeer its forces by moving a land unit into the territory during the non-combat phase of his turn.

    Fly-over restrictions applicable to other Neutral territories do not apply to Vichy French territory.

    Fleet at Toulon: In addition to the change in French territorial control, the Armistice changes control of the the French fleet in sz 93, from French to Pro-Axis neutral. The Vichy French fleet maintains a strictly defensive posture. It may not be moved. It may not be captured by the Axis. The fleet is immediately destroyed if any power, other than the Free French, occupies Southern France

    "Zone Libre": Any Axis occupation of Southern France following the Armistice results in the scuttling of the Vichy French Fleet at Toulon and the disbandment of all remaining Vichy French forces. These forces are removed at the end of the Axis player’s turn in which the occupation of Southern France takes place. Any formerly Vichy French forces that were previously commandeered by the Axis are unaffected by this change.

    Armistice’s Effect on National Objectives: Following the armistice, Southern France is considered Axis-controlled for purposes of Italy’s “Roman Empire” objective. Otherwise, the Vichy France arrangement has no impact on National Objectives. Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco must still be directly occupied by Germany or Italy to achieve Italy’s “North Africa” objective. Japanese occupation of French Indo China still negates Japan’s “Trade With America” objective.

    Liberation of France: The Allied liberation of France effectively terminates the Armistice. Any territory and forces still under Vichy French control (including any surviving fleet in sz 93) revert back to Free French control. The Vichy French forces in the Southern France and sz 93 will also revert back if Southern France is liberated by the Free French.

    Please note that the NOs will not be listed in your “Objectives Panel” (you need a separate download for that), but they are working and the game will automatically keep track of them. Hope ya’ll enjoy!
    G40 Balance Mod.tsvg

  • By popular demand, below is a link to an optional download that will enhance your G40 Balance Mod experience in three ways:

    1. Vichy French territory will appear in as a distinct color (without the download it appears as the True Neutral color);

    2. Marines will have a more distinct, faction-specific appearance (without the download, the marines appear as regular infantry units with tiny armbands. . . can be hard to distinguish)

    3. The additional objectives will be listed in your objectives panel.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wlya7zued52et90/G40 Balance Mod Files.zip?dl=0

    May 2, 2016 update - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ao3gsvihb5f0ivg/G40%20Balanced%20Optional%20FIles.zip?dl=0

    Installation Instructions

    1. Download the zip file and put it on your desktop. Unzip the file. Inside you will find three items:

    • A file called “objectives.properties”
    • A file called “map.properties”
    • A folder called “units”

    2. Locate the “World War II Global” folder or zip file on your computer.

    For PC users, the folder is located at:
    C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\triplea\maps

    For Mac users, the folder is located at:

    3. If your “World War II Global” appears as a “zip” file, unzip it, so that it appears as a regular folder

    Note: Unzipping “World War II Global.zip” will not affect playability of the map, since TripleA reads zip files and regular folders the same way.

    4. Now simply replace the “objectives.properties,” “map.properties” and “units” folder in your “World War II Global” folder with the files of the same name from the “G40 Balance Mod” folder that you downloaded to your desktop.

    5. Launch TripleA and run the G40 Balance Mod game. You should see the changes reflected!

  • '15

    In Windows 7, the folder is located at C:\Users\YourName\triplea\maps

  • ah thank you

  • Regularkid, could you please share the game xml file as well?

  • Hey Nerq:

    Am away from home for a few days, so don’t have access to original xml. But here’s an xml extracted from the saved game that seems to work alright. Will getcha the original when i get back.


  • 2019 2018 2017 '16 '15

    Is there a thread where this mode is beeing discussed? I am interested to learn more what people think are good and bad changes

  • hey, oystello. you can find discussions of the mod inside some of the games that are going on, but there isn’t a dedicated thread for it. feel free to start one. would be cool to hear from folks that have tried it what they think so far

  • 2018 '16 '15

    It seems that after installing the mod the original game shows a wrong objective for Japan (or is this something that happened simulataniously and is unrelated?): F 5 PUsif Axis controls Dutch New Guinea, New Guinea, New Britain, and Solomon Islands.

    Instead of the strategic outer defense perimeter.

  • Balladeer,

    The wording of the objectives panel has been changed for the Mod (thats what the “objectives.properties” file does). But its purely cosmetic; it has no impact on how the game actually calculates the objectives for World War II Global games (or any map). So when you’re playing standard G40, rest assured that the game is tracking and calculating the objectives with the standard conditions, even though the wording of certain conditions has changed in the objectives panel.


  • Thank you regularkid. I know its not the official rules but just looking at the objectives it definitely does a lot for the map in a sense that you would be making more plays in different area. I also always liked the house rules of cruisers, battleships carrying 1 infantry. Are you still adding to this or is putting ideas forward stopped for now?

    Cheers TDS

  • TDS, the Mod Squad is always open to new ideas–particularly if you’ve played balance mod and have specific feedback. Always lookin for ways to improve.

  • Yes ill have to have a few games after the ones im playing now. There was an old idea on here about 3 years ago about making Argentina Pro Axis just to give that area of the board some attention. Not sure what it would do to the Balance (if anything) but may spread the war around the map a bit.

  • intersante. I think the guiding criteria for the changes thus far have been:

    1. Will this change improve balance?
    2. Will this change improve historicality of game conditions/have a historic justification?
    3. Will this change improve overall gameplay and fun?

    If a proposed change checked all those boxes, it was a strong candidate. Also, for a number of reasons, we avoided changes that involved changing the starting unit setup; messing with unit mechanics (with the obvious exception of air raid rules); and changing starting territory alignment and IPC values. These types of changes are the most likely to generate controversy and snowball into something that unrecognizable as G40.

    Appreciate your interest in the mod, and definitely look forward to your thoughts/feedback after you get a couple games under yer belt. 😛

  • 2017 '16 '15 '14 '12

    If you make another updated version, could you please have All the NOs for each power listed in the game notes, and not just the revisions?  Some of us aren’t too bright and its hard to keep them all straight.  Thanks.

    Love the mod!  🙂

  • Yes

  • '15 Official Q&A '11 '10 Moderator

    Does a Japanese sub in Z5 stop the 2 IPC’s for Russia if Russia is not at war with Japan?
    NO just says “enemy warship”

  • 2019 2017

    It does not stop it.

  • '15 Official Q&A '11 '10 Moderator

    Thanks Adam -

  • I agree we need to have a 5 IPC unit and the marine is perfect for it. Make it really cost inefficient, but allow it to be loaded onto Cruisers/Battleships is brilliant, but, IMO, it is a little too weak. Why not give marines 2 attack instead of 1 and keep the other text as is. 5 IPC’s is really pricey for what they do. They still wouldn’t be a great buy, but at least at 2 attack (3 when amphibiously assaulting) would be something. They don’t even receive artillery support…

  • ROC, when the Mod was in development, they were actually play tested with the stats you’re proposing, and were found to be overpowered. Speaking from experience, marines, with their current stats, are bought and used in virtually Balance Mod game.

    Also,  feedback/comments regarding mod rules should be posted in the feedback thread. http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=37553.0

  • Sorry about that and thanks.

  • '15 Official Q&A '11 '10 Moderator

    This thread is no longer stickied.  See the new stickied thread for Balanced mod 2.0, rules and download and optional download http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=37883.0

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