Partial IPC's or inflation of value of IPC's

  • Does anyone think partial IPC’s would work?  S.P. artillery could be 4.5 IPC’s, for example, or whatever else you can come up with.

    Either that or inflate the prices of the units and territories (income) to make a greater variety value for a variety of units.  I’m thinking that increasing everything by 100% might work.  This in effect is the exact same thing as partial IPC’s.  One could try 50% or 150%, but that would probably complicate things more than necessary.  Certain rules would need to be revised as well, like requiring a minor factory to be built on a territory with a minimum value of 4, instead of 2, and whatever else there is about that.  I know it doesn’t make sense that it takes 11 million man hours to create a panzer or panther tank, but it’s just for the sake of the game.

    I’m thinking this might solve the problem of certain units being too strong at 4 IPC’s but too weak at 5.  Maybe 4.5 is the right spot, I’m not entirely sure.  I haven’t tested this or done the math.  Let’s take the german tank for example.  It currently costs 5 IPC’s to build, and seems to be too powerful on the eastern front and probably elsewhere as well.  6 IPC’s makes it too expensive and I think gives the eastern front to the Russians.  Does 5.5 or 11 (assuming everything is doubled in value) work?

    I don’t mind handling more IPC’s to balance the game, if this is the solution.  I’ll do whatever it takes.  However, I personally prefer implementing decimal points over inflating everything, it makes it less of a hassle overall.

    I tried to search the forum about this topic, but I haven’t found anything related to it.  I admit I didn’t take a thorough look, so I apologize if it is being rehashed.  I look forward to some feedback.

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    Go to The Eastern Front Broken post.  The $5 German tank is discussed.

  • I’ve read it, believe me lol.  That’s why I used it as an example 🙂 .

  • Either method would yield the same thing, but I’d personally prefer to double the cost of everything, while doubling the printed value of the territories.  But that’s just because I like to use actual coins (a roll each of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters usually does the trick), and there is no 1/2 penny coin (unless you have some old British coins).

    But, yeah, you are right that something needs to be done to differentiate the costs between units, especially with the number of extra units added to this version (heavy tanks, SS, Guards, commandoes, etc.)

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    I use chips for money rather than the standard bills. I was actually thinking of making a 1/2 IPC today LOL!

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    Either that or inflate the prices of the units and territories (income) to make a greater variety value for a variety of units.  I’m thinking that increasing everything by 100% might work.  This in effect is the exact same thing as partial IPC’s.

    I can’t recall in which thread it was discussed, but somebody once mentioned that they had considered adding 1 IPC to the value of every territory on the map – but then realized that this unbalanced the game because (as I recall) it had uneven effects: a territory going from 1 to 2 would double its value, which a territory going from 2 to 3 would only go up by 50%.  I can’t recall if the solution turned out to be doubling everything.

  • Thanks for the input guys.  I wonder what the developers think about this?  I’m assuming it crossed the minds of the guys over at HBG, and even Larry Harris, but who really knows, right?

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    For the global 39 game…adding a tank destroyer or Sp artillery to the game wasn’t ever going to be in the rules because of the size of the game.  This leaves the door open foe plenty of cool house rules. If it wasme I would multiply each zone by 10 and all the income and unit costs. This would give you plenty of room for new and more specialized units.

  • Thanks for the reply Tigerman.  I suppose a person could even do that.  It makes for even more precise fine tuning for sure.  I don’t mind doing math, but a few of of my friends do lol, but that’s no issue.  1/10th or .1 IPC’s would be the same thing too I guess.  There would have to be alot of testing and math done to see where the best prices would be at.  I’ll see what I can do about it with my group.

    I’m also wondering here; would this concept have any kind of consideration for or influence on the development of the 7.0 version of the rules, or even the 1936 map/edition that I assume is still under development?  Or is it something that I have to expect to only be used under house rules?  I hope to hear back from you when you get a chance.  Cheers.

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    Ben.  Not sure about the 36 game but for the 39 game we aren’t going to change anything except for some small tweaks and other clarifications. I understand you want to use as many pieces as you can in your games, I do too.  There are smaller size games on the way that will utilize these other units more.

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