Debate on German Paratroopers attack value.

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    There was a huge dispute at our game last night over German Paratroopers.

    The german chart reads that paratroopers attack at 3(4)    (4 being with artillery).  Then there is also a rule that german paratroopers get a +1 attack during the first round if being dropped from a plane.

    In my game view, that means that on the first round, German paratroopers attack at 4, if being dropped from a bomber.  And that should german paratroopers do a regular over ground attack, they would attack at 3 (4 with artillery).

    The problem comes in the part of the paratrooper rule, that says after the first round being dropped from a plane, that paratroopers will attack “like normal infantry”  which had the allies up in arms, and saying that the true attack value of german paratroopers, when attacking over land, must be a 2.

    1. What is the BASE attack value of german paratroopers over land?  2(3)? or 3(4)?

    2. If the paratroopers attack from a plane, is their attack value on the first round 3 or 4?

    3. If the paratroopers were dropped in, and had supporting artillery also attacking, would the attack value of paratroopers on the first round be 5?

    4. After the first round of a paradrop, do the paratroopers drop to 2 attack “like normal infantry”?  or back to their base attack value of 3?

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    What it says is  After the first round, it acts like normal infantry. So we assume its move is 1 and 3/4 att

    1. 3(4)
    2. 4
    3. Yes
    4. 3

    Thats the way we play it. The US airborne is the same rule as Germany but the US Airborne is 2/3 and +1 on first round of attack 3/4. So they go back to regular Inf 2/3.

    Think that was a rule change.

    7.0 the German airborne was A2* +1 on 1st round only
    7.1  "         "            "          "    A2* +1 on 1st round  only
    7.2  "         "            "          "    A2(3*) +1 on 1st round only
    7.2  "         "            "          "    A3/4*  +1 on 1st round  only  Final Version.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Thanks for your thoughts SS.

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