U.S.S.R early moves

  • Have any of you tried using the U.S.S.R’s forces to invade any neighboring countries, such as Romania, Finland, Turkey or the Baltic States early in the round in the 1936 game?

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    36 game ?

  • Yes

  • 2017

    AB worsham, Yes I have, attacked Romania with Russia early in the game. This doesn’t really make much difference in the long run of the game. Since these Romanians troops would have become German troops when aligned later. This does give you as Russia an advantage of preemption on those troops, a forward defense location, facilities and income from landzones that would have been German instead. This is most effective when Germany has been looking at the British building up a navy etc.

    This does prevent the molotov ribbentrop pact. But not always is this a good deal for USSR anyway.

  • 2017

    This can also help push Germany into declaring war on USSR early, giving Russia full income faster!

    But it does move some troops forward into a distant position, which can be exploited by a flexible German attack on Moscow through the northern part of Russia. Since you have moved some troops south at Romania.

  • Remember that USSR can not declare war on any neutral until January 1939.
    (mentioned in the USSR reference sheet)

  • A good movie is to invade the Middle East with USSR as soon as you can.

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