Designing custom '86 board…need opinions :-)

  • Hey guys, first post here.  I’ve been lurking for a while and am very impressed with a lot of the stuff I’ve seen here!  I’m in the early stages of building a “war” table that will house (in theory) interchangeable boards for A&A and Risk at the same time.  Glass top and all the fancy stuff…

    I thought I would share the A&A board I’m working on…I prefer the original MB version so it’s loosely based on their map, and even more loosely based on this one:
    www -dot- axisandallies -dot- org/forums/index.php?topic=13614.0

    Mostly the faint color, old look and retro font are what I’m taking from his as inspiration 🙂  I actually tried to contact him via the two e-mails but to no avail…it is a couple years old though.

    I’ve attached a JPEG link just to see what you guys think so far and to see if you have any tips…thanks for any input! (JPEG is 8MB, feel free to use - I may upload a PDF when it’s eventually finished if anyone is interested)

    What is left to do:
       Modify colors so that they don’t blend so much (Japan, UK, Neutrals specifically)

    Add sea zones and island/small zone boxes to the top of the map, with other game items along the sides (reference charts and         such.)

    Make sure strokes/national borders are all seamless (some have rough edges, too thick, etc.)

    Finish textures (Greenland/Iceland, some small islands and landlocked waters)

    Rework and adjust fonts - something more akin to cominges’, as well as larger and styled to match the map and terrain.

    Find Midway and Split Canada!  Totally forgot those two early on…

    I’m not sure how big the final result will be other than “BIG”…we’ll see how much the wood is going to cost me 😛  I’ll be putting it on matte vinyl adhered to a PVC board…should be pretty sexy 🙂

    www -dot- judahgraphics -dot- com/map.jpg

  • It wouldn’t let me post the links correctly…I’m assuming because I’m new - apologies.

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    Hi. I think I read you  have to post 20 times before you can do that, but I am not any good with computers so have not tried myself.
    Keep trying. Post a few times.
    And welcome.

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    I think the map is terrific.  The flags are especially nicely done.  I’m sure it’ll look fantastic when it’s printed and mounted on a table.  I’d recommend plexiglass for the tabletop covering rather than actual glass: it weighs less, it’s shatterproof, it rolls up for transportation in case you ever move (admittedly into a large-diameter cylinder, though that’s still more compact than a huge flat sheet of glass), and it’s available in types which reduce glare.  The stuff I use on my own table is called non-glare Acrylite P-99, originally sized by the manufacturer at 48" x 96" x 1/16" thickness.  The local plastics company from which I bought it cut the sheet to the size I wanted, which is 36" x 96".

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    By the way, when your table is finished let me know and I’ll add a link to the Global Gaming Table thread (

  • I don’t know how I missed that thread - I’ve got a lot more ideas now!

    Thanks for the info on the plexi too…I’ll look into details on it.  I’m the graphic designer, my brother is the carpenter so I’ll be relying on him for a bit of the construction 🙂

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