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  • I’ve found the PC AI to be very weak, even at “level 5”. To make things more interesting, I edit the units for Germany for their Infantry to cost just 1 IPC and tanks to cost 4 IPC’s. I edit Japan’s subs to cost 7 IPC’s.

    I have yet to win on scenario. Any thoughts?

  • I’m curious as to how Germany plays with the cheap infantry.

    I’ve let the computer play itself numerous times, and unless I have economic victory enabled, it almost never ends - they just wont invade England or Japan. I’ve even gone so far as to reduce the prices for all units to one, for whichever country I want to win, and sometimes even then its a pain.

    I find a lot of times the computer wont spend the money he has, even in that last scenario.

    I cant see making subs 7 having any great effect, I take it it’s Germany who usually whoops ya?

    Perhaps change it to 2?

  • Well you can make the enemies units stronger too. I played the allies once and made the Japanese and German infantry 3-3 instead of 1-2. It didn’t really make any difference though. The biggest problem the AI has it does not have goals. The attacks seem random and have no long term purpose. Another thing to do is restrict yourself. Don’t allow yourself to buy any infantry or armor and then see if you can win. Doesn’t make you a better player in the real games, but at least it will force you to think.

  • I played the scenario mentioned in my first posting last night and ended up winning with the allies. I focused on Germany first and put pressure on Japan in the mainland. It took a bit longer to win, however, it was still pretty easy.

    Putting Jap’s sub cost to 7 was worthless as mentioned

    Anyone up for a PC Game on-line? I need a real challenge

    My e-mail is: Krkaminski@hotmail.com

  • I would be up for an online game, save for the fact I can never connect to The Zone or a direct TCP connection, blasted firewalls. And yes I have tried setting the computers unit cost down to nothing and yet they still only purchase as if they were normal cost. Of course this is the same AI that will not take Karliea back as long as I keep at least one INF in the country…

  • Why don’t you try PBEM? It’s not as fast as real time but it does open up the door to a different set of challengers. You might only get 1 set of contires played per day if you are lucky but, with extra time you face very well thought out attacks and a deep game by the opponent.

    The computer AI is brutal as are most AIs. The only reason a computer can now beat a chess player is that the computer can look at about 100 million moves per second so can play out all move combinations 8 moves ahead. Since there are way less legal chess moves then legal Axis and Allies moves a computer can’t ‘think’ deeply.

    An invasion of England requires some deep thought. I built 4 FTRs, am I further ahead? Nope, move 1 over. Move 2 build 2 CVs, am I further ahead, hell no, bad branch don’t think ahead but even if I do…. Move 4, build 5 transports, am I further ahead, hell heck no. Move 5invade england and win. Obviously it is far harder, by move 2 or 3 ahead of the current one the computer tries building a navy and sees no immediate benefit and thus doesn’t investigate this branch further.


  • I think that the majority of the AI work was done with Germany and Japan, too. Not that those are amazing AIs, but I’ve found it even easier to win against the Allies than against the Axis.

    For example, with all Allies played by the top AIs and both Axis under my control, I had an economic victory in four rounds. It’s a little harder if I turn off the economic victory, but it’s still not too hard.

    Just think, the creator of the game in the blurb during the credits says that the AI will beat the average Axis & Allies player. I guess he means that the average player is a novice?

  • Japan seems to have the best AI, or the AI is the best at playing japan.

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