• I just recently got the original 1984 A&A because having all the rest I just wanted to complete the collection. I noticed on the back of the box where it is explaining the game that some of the pieces look different. The Battleship looked like the revised destroyer and there seemed to be another ship in the lineup too. It was smaller like a destroyer. Some pictures of the tanks looked different as well. Does anyone know if there was going to be more or different units that changed in the game but not on the box? Or is the box just not accurate to the game because it was maybe still in development? If you the 1984 version check it out.

  • The only thing that changed in 2nd ed that I’m aware of is at some point they came out with a rules clarification manual. Hey Admiral….want to get it on??

  • Actually I have made the same observation in the past. While I do not have any conclusive evidence, it’s probably as was suggested that they were still in development. If anyone has any information please do post it. Also, if anyone has a Jpeg of the back of that box, post it somewhere. I think my box has long since deceased :)

  • kyrial, Not much on posting jpeg knowhow so you can either advise me on that or give me you email. The bottom of my copy is pretty much perfect. I can take some shots with a digital camera and you can whatever detail you’d like.

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