What it was that made James Holmes go nuts.

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    Being born in America, as oppossed to Nigeria.  Pretty much the same. ~ Gargantua

    Nice to fit in yet another slam on America seemingly out of nowhere without any relevance to anything remotely connected to anything.

    Here is another: Hows that Canada medal count working for you? Nice to see they tie with Netherlands for total. And they even have 1 gold! Awesome!

    I think Gargantua should be considered a flame and fluff.

    Uhh… No need to get personal Doctor Imperious?

    It’s no shot at America, it’s simple a statement that some people are born in the first world, and others are not, and the laws of social nature tend to keep things that way. It’s what Most Holy was trying to say…

    If you prefer, feel free to enter -Canada- or -England- into the statement in reference to Nigeria for the example.WHICH IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE CONVERSATION BTW.

    It appears IL, that you are not in a current disposition to maturely handle the adult concepts and coversations in this thread that are on-going. To spare anymore death threats, flames, or rules violations GG, With your permission can we ask IL to politely excuse himself? I did make this thread, and I’ve found most of it’s content valueable, and would like the discussion to continue un-intterupted or abated. 🙂

    Thank you…

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    would like the discussion to continue un-intterupted or abated.

    It might if you stop trying so hard to be part of the conversation by answering for others who directed their claims to me, not you.

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    GG, per my request - please prevent further stupidity.


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    Better to prevent hijacking the thread with cute video moments…( that nobody clicks)

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    Oh I’m sure some people have viewed it already, and that there will be resulting commentary.

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    You guys are nuts.

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    Yeah, ain’t it cool? 😛

  • @Gargantua:

    Modern education, and the average teacher, is simply a cog in the wheel of the current debt/slavery machine.

    All modern education wants people to do, is get a job for $40,000 a year, and pay tax.� That’s considered success on their part.� Not encouraging people to start their own businesses, fly to mars, or cure cancer.

    Rant alert!
    As a member of said teaching class, I strongly AGREE.  The job of most teacher types (like me) is to keep enough students coming in the door to pay the salaries of the senior tenured faculty, whose role is to be overpaid and to look and act overpaid, thereby presenting young people an incentive to take on crazy debt in the glorious hope they that can someday “achieve” that level of wealth and laziness.  WRONG.  They won’t make it.  Most of us didn’t make it and today the pie is getting smaller and smaller.  So our role in this enterprise boils down to getting the 20 year olds into debt so that by the time they turn 30 they will give up, put their little heads down and work.  Its not hard to do really.

    By the way something like 70% of university tuition goes to the prof’s salaries, and most of that goes to the tenured class: 1970s era PhDs with the union card, 2 day work week, teaching assistant, six figure salary, pension, and unlimited seniority with no mandatory retirement.  Good work if you can get it.

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    Sounds like good work of you can get it Vance! Well done. As to what the aristocracy crushing the peasants has to do with today? Grab any newspaper from yesterday’s ( I say yesterday because that qualifies it as history rather than politics.) back to, oh spring 2008. Let me know how the aristocracy is not doing it all over again only with a little bit more flashy distractions for the masses.

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    Intervene? I am not sure how I can intervene except to tell both of you that you’ve gone way off topic, and for some reason you never learned how to shake hands with an opponent without declaring war on all of Europe.

    My guess? You’re both ENTJ’s. And this ENFJ just wishes you’d both get along. But you won’t. You never will. And you like it like that. My best bet is to keep editing your flames out until you realize that it’s distracting to other posters, and ill-advised as members of this forum

    You know the rules. No flaming, no baiting.

    Yes Gargantua, calling someone a racist, when you already are in a deep debate with them is considered a flame. I’ll have to find the exact “death threat” you speak of. I remember hearing something about it… Is it in this thread?


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    Found it, edited it.


  • @Imperious:

    Here is another: Hows that Canada medal count working for you?  Nice to see they tie with Netherlands for total. And they even have 1 gold! Awesome!

    I’m choosing a side in this…
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Txx-SuPoXM&feature=related (skip to 6:50 for the important part)…

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    Sorry didn’t click it like everybody else ( other than you).

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    Basically, we will not really know what it was, that made J. Holmes go this way in detail, it will be shear assumption.
    We may know what played a, or vital roles that made him Go that way , He was driven and He made very sad and bad decissions in his life.
    To judge people because what you heard in the news doesn´t make you and me an Expert, unless somebody in here was his closer friend or relative of J. Holmes so He might give us better clues.
    To classify people because of education ,race ,beliefs ,sex, comics and so on makes us to an racist because we will unlikely determine in our mind that certain peoples ,groups etc. are closer to be object to Evil or we just simply put ´em in  a box of our mind. No,there is no one good, not a single one of us! ask your heart!, ask your conscience !…

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    is every person just -crazy- that attacks people? OR are there other factors to consider?  Brevik’s arguement is that he’s sane…

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    Brevik is tellin´the truth by saying he is sane ,why should He lie about it!?…

    And I don´t think that there are any crazy people out there,it´s more like some of them made bad deals ,others don´t wanna stick to the given plan of society, others just need help and they don´t want it ,others need help and just don´t know where or how to get it, there are many reasons why people are treated like crazy or asumed to be, but nobody really can asure you that someone is CRAZY.

    If the biologic Human body is disfuntional in terms of being crazy, why treating it with chemical warfare?..
    Somebody lost his dog and having such a hard time getting over it and keep going on in life , then he is treated with pills to regulat his bodily household so he can go on doesn´t make any sense at all but it is sold to us that way…

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    Dan Carlin discusses gun violence in his latest episode of his Common Sense podcast. He points out that some other countries have similar gun to human ratios that the USA has but not nearly the number of gun fatalities. He says availability of guns might not be the problem that needs to be addressed but the question of “Why do Americans want to kill each other?” Interesting and unique take that can only come from Dan Carlin. His Hardcore History Podcast is one of the best shows around and Common Sense is more of a political show so be warned, but he has some of the best ideas out there. In this particular episode he speaks of the Colorodo shooting and the more recent shooting at the Sikh Temple.

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    You know… nobody ever twittered about the O.K. Corrall, or were -shocked and appalled- by billy the kid.

    As far as history goes, wanting to shoot people is just part of being American.  THINK ABOUT IT.  From Washington shooting the british, to Bush wanting to shoot Saddam Hussein, Obama taking credit for shooting Osama.  ETC.

    If the leadership wants to shoot people, so will the people want to shoot people, It just is what it is, and it’s cultural.

    Why Americans today are suddenly shocked and offended when the wrong people get shot, by other wrong people, is the REAL question?  It’s no different then the rest of American history.  Alot of people get shot.  From Presidents, to University students by the military.

    Look at American history books, So many Americans were ended by getting shot, from Abraham Lincoln to Joseph Smith.  Way of the gun. Cowboy Culture.

    No one is to say that it’s right or wrong, because there is a time and place for everything.

    And before I see any retort, I will point out…


    I rest my case.

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    In Canada we get drunk, beat the shit out of each other and then sit down and drink together. And we get stitched up for free!

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    You mean, someone else pays for your stitches. :mrgreen:

    And responsible gun ownership has always been a stalwart aspect of American culture. People being crazy has been here since the dawn of humanity. The weapons they get a hold of just change.


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    Ironically it’s the alcohol tax that pays it lol case I beer is $42 in Ontario.

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