New Star Trek movie planned - and it's going to be different


    LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) – More than three years after the last “Star Trek” movie crashed at the box office, the venerable sci-fi franchise is being revived by the director of the upcoming “Mission: Impossible” sequel, Daily Variety reported in its Friday edition.

    The as-yet-untitled “Star Trek” feature, the 11th since 1979, is aiming for a fall 2008 release through Paramount Pictures, the Viacom Inc. unit looking to restore its box-office luster under new management, the trade paper said.

    The project will be directed by J.J. Abrams, whose Tom Cruise vehicle “Mission: Impossible III” will be released by Paramount on May 5. Abrams, famed for producing the TV shows “Alias” and “Lost,” will also help write and produce.

    Daily Variety said the action would center on the early days of “Star Trek” characters James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock, including their first meeting at Starfleet Academy and first outer-space mission.

    The paper described “Star Trek” as Hollywood’s most durable performer after James Bond, spawning 10 features that have grossed more than $1 billion and 726 TV episodes from six series.

    The 10th film, “Star Trek: Nemesis,” bombed at the box office on its December 2002 release, earning just $43 million in North America. Last year, Viacom-owned broadcast network UPN pulled the plug on the low-rated series “Star Trek: Enterprise” following a four-season run.

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    I wish they would have done good movies with TNG crew.

    TNG episodes were all so great, but the movies they did were all so blah.

    Not sure about a Spock and Kirk movie.  shrugs

  • I’m a big Wrath of Khan fan. One of my favorite movies. Love Shatner, never really liked the Next Generation.

    I am interested as to who is playing Kirk and Spock though.

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    Wrath of Khan was good.  Probably the best of all the movies.

    It will be interesting to see who they get.

  • Definitely the best of the movies…  Space battles.  Ties back to the original series.  Drama.  Intrigue.

    Not to mention one bad a$$ed Ricardo who did a fantastic job of turning the overconfident Khan from 15 years earlier into the bitter, living on desire for revenge psychopath.

    He should have gotten Best Supporting Actor Oscar for that one.

  • I loved the writing first and foremost in Khan. I mean come on, “Admiral Kirk, how did you beat the XXX scenario?”, “I reprogrammed the computer to allow for the ship to be saved”. “You cheated?” “They gave me marks for creativity”.

    Awesome stuff.

  • also Kirstie Alley hadn’t quite . . . filled out . . . yet.

  • Yes, WoK is the best of the lot.  Montalban is the reason.
    Anyone seeing an attempt to save the Titanic(Silver Screen??)

    Look at the top grossing movies of all time…SciFi IS a BIIIIIG chunk.
    That and Action/Adventure/Suspense with Ahnold, Bruce, Sly, Tom & Tom

    (With sarcasm)
    JJ of MIIII fame, (falsetto first syllable to normal second syllable)whooo-pee!

    Having seen the trailer with Senior Citizen Cruise blown sideways by a blast directly behind him.
    Great work!  Criuse follows Sly, Ahnold and Bruce in the usual “Sequel Slop.”

    Most Trekkers/Trekkies will not approve though a few will give it a try.
    Who could successfully follow Shatner??( We need a developing loverboy.  I recommend Ashton Kutcher of _That 70’s Show_  He has little acting talent and no sex appeal.)Â

    Who to reprise Nimoy’s role(Difficulty with an emotions as his only other human influence was his mum.  I suggest Anthony Clark of Yes, Dear.  His emotional range uses the same facial features and rise in volume for surprise, fear and anger.)

    Besides it would be fun to see Kutcher with short hair and Clark with straight hair.   😄

    TNG should have made a movie of the “Praying Mantiss’ Attempt to Invade Our Dimension.”
    (cannot find the epi title @  )

  • Wrath of Khan is not bad, but i prefer First Contact.The borg are scary and Borg Queen is the ultimate enemy!

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