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400' Flagpole with a 60' x 120' U.S. Flag - "Hand Salute!"

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    ––Here’s a good story. A 400’ Flagpole with a 60’ x 120’ U.S. Flag flying PROUD!
    By the way,…this is reported as the World’s Tallest Flagpole, and it is so large,….
    it has it’s own atmosphere (rain) INSIDE the Flagpole on a sunny day.
    This is an INSPIRATIONAL story if ever there was one.
    I don’t “surf” much but I thought several guys here on A&A.Org would enjoy this too. Check it out below:


    Tall Paul

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    By the way,….this is reported as the World’s Tallest Flagpole, and it is so large,….

    Actually this is North America’s tallest flagpole. I believe the tallest in the world are in North and South Korea.

    Either way, very impressive and inspiring. Thanks for the read Paul.

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