• I was thirteen when I found myself entranced by the magic of little plastic army men. My sister’s 18 year old boyfriend caught me playing Risk by myself one day and told me about a game with tanks and boats. He went on and on about the need to immediately attack Russia or the game was over. Being a lover of history and geography, I put Axis and Allies on top of my Xmas list. December 1989, it all began.

    For 10 years, ,Classic A&A was played with my high school buddies and in college with my frat brothers. Shogun, Fortress America, and Conquest of the Empire were thrown in from time to time, but “Axis” was always on my mind.

    Axis Europe and Pacific in the early 2000s were played vigorously with another buddy after graduation. Like most of you I suspect, we tried and failed to make both boards mesh, but play and play we did.

    Then life happened. Wife, kids, business, responsibilities. Hobbies were put away to gather dust and the pursuit of adulthood forbade the excesses of childhood.

    About 14 months ago, a college buddy mentioned that his 11 year old just got Axis 1941 and knew I once played. Would I show his son how to play? That Saturday, we all sat down and went over the basic mechanics and set up and began to play. Wouldn’t you know it, within an hour that 10 year old SOB starts to talk some smack. Hammer time!! The game lasted only another round and a half and Germany was toast.

    My victory over that trash talking 10 year reignited my passion that I thought I had left behind 20 years earlier. That night I reacquainted myself with the A&A world and discovered the Global 40 version of which I ordered immediately.

    So here I am now, 14 months later and hopelessly addicted. This website and its strategy forums have been invaluable in my evolution of gameplay. The customization forums inspired me to print my own map and build a table that hasn’t been taken down since the day I received my new game. I have even gone so far in installing a wood burning stove in my garage to keep warm during the
    Wisconsin winter. I am happy to say that I am fully embracing my dorkdom and love of the plastic army man. 20211112_163006.jpg 20211112_162950.jpg 20211112_162944.jpg 20211112_162939.jpg 20211112_162919.jpg

  • @brass-hat said in Good to be back:

    So here I am now, 14 months later and hopelessly addicted.

    Doesn’t look like your only addiction lol jk :)

    Nice table. Plus Wisconsin got plenty of hardwood to throw in that stove. 1 chunk of oak go all night : )

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    Welcome Back and thank you for the story!

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    1. where do you live? dm me your contact info if you’d like to be added to my player database

    2. I think that those ads on the back of 1960s comics “2000 army men recreate d day for only $4.99 (a fortune)” inspired Larry Harris

    3. when I got to meet Larry Harris in an online Tabletopia playtest game of Imperial Borders life dream fufilled play with Gary Gygax

    4. Winning the national tourney at gencon twice, same. Two bucket list items checked off. Only thing left is to win again when we go this year…

    All the best,


  • @taamvan

    I live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, about an hour east of the Twin Cities. I’d appreciate being added to the players list.

  • Nice table. I’m down here in Kenosha.


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