• I just joint this forum which I found by searching for some Axis & Allies informations 😉
    I’m living in Germany.

    Reading a book regarding Game Design Axis & Allies were mentioned in few side sentences - which did make me interested to find out more about Axis & Allies.

    Luckely I found couple of months ago in eBay an Axis and Allies Spring 1942: The world at war game from MB (1984) from someone in the Netherlands .

    The first games we played were kind of challenging for us to understand the rules - but after playing almost every weekend with my wife and my son we are getting the hang of it and the game is just brilliant and we are having a lot of fun with it 🤣

    So we are new to Axis and Allies and are realy enjoying it.
    Axis & Allies 1942.jpg

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    @realfun Welcome to the forums!

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