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    Ran the same sim twice in a row using germany the first time and Japan the second but get pretty different results. Its not a randomness thing, as its extremely repeatable relatively independent of the number of trials.

    Any idea why there is such a discrepancy? Havent tried using other powers to see how else it shifts. But I ran into this in a game situation and thought I was going crazy.



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    @ksmckay I am mentioning / addressing @redrum here, to inform him about your observation.

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    seems to be related to the aa gun. also shows up in much simpler sims.

    Eg. 2 inf 1 bom vs 2 inf 1 aa
    Germans vs Russians Average TUV -1 59% win
    Japanese vs Russians Average TUV +2 69% win

    If you remove aa guns from defense or air from offense than the statistics match exactly. Not limited to this combination of powers, a few other combinations produce the same pairs of results.

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    I take a cue from the post for a question: what is the difference between “Av unit left” (attack or defend) and “Unit left if won”? maybe it’s a trivial question but …

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