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    My friend came up with an idea for live games. In our next game we are going to use Triple A for round 1 and then set up the board after that

    I think that will save a lot of time because you are usually moving all the stuff around during round 1 anyway

    Has anyone tried this?

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    interesting idea. Usually if you’ve played a lot you can set the board up almost from memory, whereas here it’d be a little different most times, although some moves would be the same.

    Sounds cool though. Let us know how it goes.

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    @oysteilo @barnee You can set the G42 and play in one sitting. the computer is just an intermediary, we usually decide the game in one 4-5 sitting

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    I think the point is to save time in global games. By far round 1 is the slowest round because you are shuffling and merging and re-stacking everything. Even though you more or less know the set up after a few games it takes time because there are units everywhere. This is very much true for Germany, Russia and japan but goes for all other nations too. For france you set up a bunch of units which are removed instantly.

    After Round 1, there are units in maybe half of the initial territories and this must save a lot of time.

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