New to Axis and Allies Global – What do I need to get started?

  • Gutten Auben Stauffenberg (forgive my spelling).  May I suggest an alternate course if you do not find what you are looking for.  It sounded by one of your posts that you are not opposed to modifying existing products to make what you are looking for.  If you have plastic structural pieces availalble such as you might find at a model rail road shop or hobby shop, you may be able to find some small round plastic rod (0.25mm to 1mm diameter) to use as smoke stacks.  Cut to an appropiate length and glue them on the Monopoly style houses and hotels.  Three stacks on a hotel for a major IC and one stack on a house for a minor IC.  you can then spray paint them to what ever color you want.  My dad was a US marine and he was very fond of saying “adapt and overcome”.  Good luck.

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    Alternately, use Lego bricks – for instance a 4-prong square for a minor IC and a 6-prong rectangle for a major IC.  Not great-looking, but cheap and easily available in large numbers (and multiple colours, if that’s something you want).

  • Nothing wrong with a little crafting, skill and motivation are not the limit here…

    But the family leaves me little time for things like these, so I am always looking for solutions that are less time consuming. I mean, it’s not only buying the stuff, its finding it at stores, looking for it etc etc.

    Also, I like consistency… those grey factories for me just are THE A&A factories. The first A&A I ever played has them, the old A&A Europe. I just prefer that a lot over pieces from other games. That’s why I am so exited of just using some of those grey factories to make minor ICs. So it is my first option for several reasons, but of course alternatives can easily be found and made.

    Just not Lego 😉

    Best wishes

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    President Business might not like you using them for IC’s

    I purchased most of mine on Shapeways because I wanted IC’s with 1, 2, 3 and 4 pipes. Minor have 1 pipe, Advanced Minor has 2 pipes (tech), Major has 3 pipes and Advanced Major has 4 pipes(tech).

  • Thanks, I did not see those 4 pipe factories there before, In the category listing, only the 2 pipe factories show up.
    No 1 or 3 pipe factories though  :?

    Anyway, as the price is only for 10 pieces and you need 12 minor and 11 major ICs for the initial setup alone, you would have to buy 20 2-pipes and 20 4-pipes, which would be 50$ plus shipping. That is just too much in my book, I mean you get a whole 1940 game for less than 70$ at Amazon, shipping included.

    Well, HBG wants 95c per factory piece, if they ever were in stock… I’d buy some 30, which would also be relatively pricy… and I don’t see those factories coming if HBG strips them from game boxes and only lets you buy 12 per day. That said, I will have to figure out something else. If only I knew someone with a 3D printer  :roll:

    If I ever find something good that is reasonably priced (which will probably be selfmade), I’ll post it over in the customizations board.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks for all of the very helpful posts on this thread. It’s good to know that there are enough units in the 2ed boxes and that I just need to work on getting rid of those ugly cardboard chits!

    For industrial complexes, I already bought a bag of Ubild Monopoly gray factories. I guess there are about 30 of them for $7 including shipping on ebay. Yeah, I went cheap! You can find those on ebay by searching “Ubild monopoly gray”

    I also got the Risk 2008 gray cities for larger complexes. I think there was about a dozen from each of the two sellers I bought from for about $5-7 each. One set was from a seller who was selling various parts and I saw those were included, contacted the seller, and was able to buy just the gray “cities” for a low price. I’ve noticed that there is a smaller supply of these, so it may take a little time for them to pop up at a good price. Ebay search “risk 2008 cities”.

    For naval and air bases, I’ll be getting jewelry charms in the shape of anchors and propellers. Very cheap and nice metal pieces instead of cardboard. I’ll report back after I get them. That could be a while as I’m out of the country now on a secret mission.  8-)


  • Regarding where to buy the games, the lowest price I’ve seen is on the cardhaus games website. You can buy both versions for the combined price of $118. They provide free shipping for orders over $125. Just add some dice to kick it over that limit and you’ve got a great deal. With a budget of $160, you should be able to go chit-free using ebay for complexes and bases, plus have some spare dice.  🙂


  • Just bought the two 1940 games, and I definitely recommend buying the boxed games. It’s just a whole different feeling; opening up the boxes, setting up the pieces, etc. Really makes you more immersed in it.

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    Just bought the two 1940 games, and I definitely recommend buying the boxed games. It’s just a whole different feeling; opening up the boxes, setting up the pieces, etc. Really makes you more immersed in it.

    Very well said.

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