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    Please nominate members that have posted good strategies for Axis & Allies Revised (2004) or somebody who would formulate a good stratgy for the main site.

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  • I nominate myself, because im so fricken good, and that aint no shit niether 8-)

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    Okay, bring it on, let’s see what you have to say.  :-)

    Go ahead and private message your strategy or strategies to me when you are done.

  • how is this thread still going???

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    No replies yet. I guess nobody has any good strategies to share?

  • Hi Chaps

    Here is a Quick little move for the British that helps you keep India and drive th Japs out of French Indo china.

    Use the fighter on the British Aircraftcarrier to destroy the Lone Japanese transport.
    It stops the Japs from Reinforcing the Mainland in the first turn then move the Sub and Transport up from Australia in Striking distance.
    Also then Building a Ind Complex in India making sure the US player builds on as-well.
    This then gives the Japs too many targets to choose from and only 1 transport in the first turn and also makes the Japs either choose the US Fleet or the UK Fleet to Destroy.


  • Hi Chaps

    Here is a Quick little move for the British that helps you keep India and drive th Japs out of French Indo china.

    Use the fighter on the British Aircraftcarrier to destroy the Lone Japanese transport.
    It stops the Japs from Reinforcing the Mainland in the first turn then move the Sub and Transport up from Australia in Striking distance.
    Also then Building a Ind Complex in India making sure the US player builds on as-well.
    This then gives the Japs too many targets to choose from and only 1 transport in the first turn and also makes the Japs either choose the US Fleet or the UK Fleet to Destroy.


    This is an incomplete suggestion. You also must reinforce Sinkiang/India with troops from Russia, or you will lose both complexes quickly. I’ve seen too many attempts like this fail because they do not understand that an aggressive Japan can easily take down both of them without Russian intervention. The sinkiang complex can fall on turn 2; as Japan I always fully assault China with all infantry and 2 planes; this leaves about 5 infantry on the doorstep of Sinkiang ready to tear it down; that is why you need some russian infantry to help. The India complex will fall on turn 3; turn 1 Japan builds 3 transports 1 tank, turn 2 lands 3 inf + 2 tank + 1 art in french indochina, turn 3 attacks India with 5 infantry (2 more came from east indies), 2 tank, 1 art, and 6 fighter/1 bomber and perhaps shore bombardments as well.

    I also don’t see how this causes the Japanese to choose between the UK/US fleet. The East Indies fleet should be enough to bring the UK fleet down crashing; the UK fleet has no way of completely uniting and have the fighter as well. The rest of the navy can bring down Pearl Harbor.

  • Try this one, as a follow up to the British Fighter in the Pacific–

    Use your sub and fighter to hit the Japanese sub, then land the fighter on the U.S. carrier. It forces Japan to bring an extra fighter to Hawaii, and to probably lose one. It nearly guarantees that the Japanese sub will be gone. Watch the Japanese player squirm and curse. Of course, you couple this with a destroyer on the Japanese transport. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, hit both Borneo and New Guinea with two infantry each. Place the carrier in a blocking position, or pull it back to Africa.

  • I agree with all of that except attacking Borneo with 2 inf. I don’t like to weaken India.

  • If you’re really feeling snazzy, bring the UK bomber to Sinkiang on turn 1. Now the Japanese can’t simply build 3 transports, because they will be in danger no matter where they are deployed. If you sunk the japanese sub and landed the indian fighter on the hawaiin carrier, this really causes havoc because the Japanese hardly have ships to spare back in sz59/60 for defense.

  • How about this;

    On americas turn they build transports……
    then japan and germany be in for it  :-o

  • I am new to the game.  But I am wondering, has anyone tried the following in a game?  It is classic KJF thinking…

    Russia will have to drop at least two infantry from novabirsk into sinkiang in the first round.  They should also bring another inf from Russia or Evenki to novabirsk to add to Sinkiang in round 2.  The Russians should also attack both W. Russia and the Ukraine in the first round.  This should prevent the Germans from attacking both Jordan and Egypt in the first round.  They’ll probably pick one or the other, though.  The Brits carry the hammer to at least hamstring Japan in the first round.  Take the carrier and destroyer in India and splash the Kwangtung transport.  Take the indian plane and australian sub and splash the jap sub south of Pearl, landing the plane at Pearl.  bring the troops from Australia and take New Guinea(the land isn’t important--  keeping the planes from the indies fleet out of Pearl is. Reinforce India with the inf in Syria, the inf in trans-jordan(by virtue of indian trans), and the plane in Egypt if it is still alive.  Bring the bomber from GB and drop it in Sinkiang.  If Japan build the trannies in the sea of japan, the bomber can splash them in the 2nd round.  If they are built in the Pacific, the US bomber in Washington can splash them in the first round and land in Bruritiya.  Also drop the factory in India.  The transpost in the indian ocean will prevent bombarbment from the indies fleet, if Japan can find a away to amphib assault in the first round(failure to sink trans in kwangtung).  The US should build a factory in Sinkiang as well…  putting them at 27 IPCs left…  They will have to build 2 trannies and Infantry in the first round in order to start pushing the Germans out of Africa.  If Japan pushes into China, they will lose indo-china and possibly Manchuria on the following round.  Keep in mind, Japan should only have 1-2 trannies at this point since they should be splashed no matter where they were built in the first round.  If the Brit fighter in India(the one from egypt originally) is alive in the 2nd round, you can use it to attack indo china in the 2nd round and land it in Sinkiang to help defend the US factory.  If the US factory does not fall in the second round, the Allies will be producing 5 units on the ground in Asia.

    I understand this puts Japan in a pickle by round 3, but what I am wondering…  Will Russia have enough to hold off the German onslaught?  The Brits won’t be able to build an AC in the first round to protect the necessary transports to get their troops into Europe.  And, the US will be focused on securing Africa.  What is everyone’s thoughts?  Thanks in advance.


  • Nice way to seal East Indies reinforcements out of the Pearl assault with the UK Aussie fleet; but don;t think it is enough…

    I assume you also stacked Bury with your 6 available INF to prevent a J1 seizure of Bury.  Bury is critical to your anti-tranny strategy, so I assume you would protect that LZ.

    Here are some initial thoughts on a Japan Counter for J1:
    Build:  1 AC, 1 TRN, 2 INF


    • Take China heavy.  Use Kwang INF, 1 INF from FIC, 1 INF from Manch, 2 FIGS from Asia.
    • Use 1 FIG to take out UK tranny (72% success) and submerge sub off New Guinea, fig to land in Pearl on Caroline AC
    • Attack Pearl with Caroline fleet, Japan BB, Bomber.  You have a 99% chance of winning, 38% with all of your Japan forces, 37% of the time you only lose the destroyer.
      *  Atack UK fleet off Kwang with 1 BB, 1 AC, 2 FIG (one from AC, one from Japan)

    Non-Combat and Placement:
    Tranny 1 ARM and 1 INF from Japan to Manch
    Land FIC FIG in Manch
    Land Manch FIG on new AC in SZ60
    Land Japan FIG on new AC
    Land East Indies FIG that fought at Kwang on that AC
    Land New Guinea FIG on Pearl AC as well as Pearl FIG
    Place new TRN in SZ60

    Now, I may have missed 1 or 2 small items, but here is how Japan now stacks up:
    THREE Carrier task forces:
    1 AC, 1 BB, 1 FIG in SZ59
    1 AC, 2 FIG, 1 BB (and maybe 1 DST) in SZ52
    1 AC, 2 FIG, 2 TRN in SZ60

    Land Forces:
    3-4 INF in China
    1 INF in FIC
    2 INF, 1 ARM, 1 FIG in Manch
    5 INF, 1 ART in Japan

    It is not pretty, it is not glamorous.  But with that much Naval power in the Pacific, the US is NOT going to be able to assist in a KJF except for that Sinkiang factory (2 units per round).  UK is also lacking a navy in the Pacific and will lose the sub off New Guinea and the tranny near India very quickly.

    J2, Japan starts their tranny build-up and also takes Bury with an amphib, knocking out your bomber base, and catching that US bomber on the ground as well…

    Japan WILL be slowed in J1 and J2 in Asia.  But their trannies are now 100% secure, and the Allies now have to come after Japan in coastal territories where Japan’s BB’s and naval air power are going to wreak havoc on the Allies with Japan’s counter-attacks.

    In J3, Japan will be able to land as many forces in Asia as UK and US can build in both Turn 2 AND turn 3.  Starting in J4, Japan will be landing forces in Asia at atleast twice the numbers that UK/US can build them.

    Meanwhile, USSR will not be sending forces to help because, with the drain of UK resources to build and support an India factory, they are nearly alone facing Germany (not a good idea).  And, without pulling forces out of India to reinforce Egypt, and with the Germany Md Fleet still in existence, Africa IPC’s are going to tilt toward Germany for a few rounds, further diminishing UK’s ability to both support the India IC and the assault on Germany.

  • I just ran a couple of games with the KJF strategy….  Playing all 5 sides is a bit tedious, but it’s for a good cause.  In each case, I had Germany doing the land push into Russia from round one.  I made the full push into China with Japan.  Even with the USSR reinforcing(had 8 inf and 2 planes) the Sinkiang factory, Japan was able to take it in the 2nd round.  And, Russia didn’t have the ability to take it back.  GB was able to push from India and remove most of the Japanese air power in China.  The Brits didn’t have enough subsequently to take Sinkiang back either.  Once I was able to keep the Japanese trannies in the water, they were able to take back the lands they lost rounds 1-3.  I had GB pushing what units they could into Europe starting round one with and invasion of Norway.  It wasn’t enough to stem the German tide.  Even though the Allies were able to make land grabs in Western Europe in the 4th round, Russia fell in round 5 in each case.  And Germany held on by the skin of their teeth in each.  Game over.  KGF seems to be a safer alternative, but you must cause Berlin to fall before the Japanese sack Moscow.  As for what the Americans were doing…  they were able to keep Africa from being overrun, and managed to take W Europe.  Too little…  too late though.


  • Hey Wilk…

    Don;t be too down on yourself.  Just look around on these boards and see how many screw ball ideas I have posted that folks showed me how messed up they were :-)  Ideas like that mean you are thinking and working out how to play the game BETTER.

    And while the WHOLE of your idea may not work as an integrated strategy, perhaps there are aspects of it that ARE viable, and can be added to other strategies in different areas that WILL work.

    For example, I LIKE the Solomon sub strike with that AF.  Not only does it have a 50/50 chance of weakening the Japan strike on Pearl, but it also adds more than 40% to the defensive value of the Pearl fleet, and both with ZERO risk to the FIG (at least until the Pearl attack).  That is a HELL of an accomplishment with a single move of ONE piece.  And you have done it in the FIRST round where the cumulative impact of good moves is magnified.  I’d leave the sub out of it though and find a better use for the TWO pieces of navy off Australia.

    I think you might want to re-consider the New Geuinea move.  I don;t think the naval positioning will give you a good enough benefit for only a 66% chance of taking 1 IPC, while also weakening your Australia position AND placing your TRN where it is sure to get killed, probably taking nothing with it.

    As far as IC’s…
    To be honest, forget India as a place for one, Sinkiang too.
    If you want to get forces to South Asia, then have UK build up a tranny fleet and start shuttling troops to northern Europe.  If done well, this will allow Russia to bleed off forces via their Caucuses factory since UK will be pressuring Germany AND helping to defend Russia.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I like some of your ideas and to encourage you to keep working out the kinks and taking what works in one strat and adding it to other things that work.  Soon, you will have a variety of ways to use various pieces all to great effect, AND have multiple ways to handle different moves by your opponents.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I didn’t come up with this strategy, but I can’t remember who posted it on this forum.  It’s a basic Russian strategy for R1 which brings 3 inf, 1 figh (Kar) vs. 3 inf (Belo).  2 inf, 1 arm (Arch), 2 inf, 1 art, 1 arm (Moscow) vs. 3 inf, 1 art, 1 arm (WRus).  3 inf, 1 art, 1 arm (Cau), 2 arm, 1 figh (Moscow) vs. 3 inf, 1 art, 1 arm (Ukr).  It’s a good fundamental strategy that’s not too hard to master and starts the Russian economy and the Allies as a whole on good footing.

  • Does anyone else play using the National Advantages? I ask because I think the NAs can drastically change a player’s strategies from one game to the next.

    I should add that my friends and I generally decide how many NAs per player to go with, then roll dice to see which NAs each will have. We have not yet played a game where each player had all six advantages.

    When I am playing as Germany, I rarely buy much navy. In one recent game, however, I obtained the two submarine-related German NAs, so I was buying at least one sub every round. The whole dynamic of the game was changed.

    I’m posting this in this thread, because I do think that one of the weaknesses of earlier versions of A&A was that the games became somewhat formulaic as players figured out the game and settled into tried and true strategies. If you incorporate the NAs into your game, a strategy you read about on the internet is not necessarily going to work.

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  • This isn’t very glamerous and actually quite mundane but effective and simple. G1 purchase 10 inf & 2 arm, bail out of africa and never return move med fleet west threaten attack on UK in G2, retreat E.Euro arm out of harms way and retake R1 gains w/inf, art and air force. G2 Move inf stack east and repeat every round. G never relents on it’s eastern push except to push back any landing on w.euro. J1 purchases 2 Trans, 2 armor & art attacks china and any empty ruso land, backs up fleet in the hopes of luring USA to pacific fleet purchase/build-up. J2 pours into russia and purchase IC for Manch. Both axis powers move directly on USSR and basically nothing else, possibly STR bombing USSR in subsequent rounds. Constant, constant, constant pressure on USSR like this with INF & Arm from both sides and it will fall. In revised, USA is too far away and UK not strong enough to slow down G enough. If Axis don’t get caught up in uneeded naval purchases, africa or aust campaigns then it is almost inevitable. Boring but inevitable.

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