Is Axis and Allies 1941 Worth Getting–just for the pieces?

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    Is Axis and Allies 1941 Worth Getting–just for the pieces? I am thinking of implementing Heavy Tanks (using the Tigers and Stalin tanks from 41), and using the bombers as air Transports for some homebrewed A&A with extra units (would still have to get tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns from HBG). Is it worth getting the whole game for these pieces? Or should I just order them “ala carte” from the internet? I figured that after ordering them by themselves it might be just as cheap to order the whole game ha ha.

    Also, I was thinking about ordering a number of Gray/White (or specifically non faction color) bombers to use for transports. I figured it would save on cost while still be pretty intuitive of whose they are. Transports planes sitting in berlin are pretty easy to figure out who they are after all. Thoughts? I would also like to add elite infantry to the game. Say like 6 units for each faction as others have suggested on here. Those who use elite infantry/paratroopers do y’all just specify them using different plates under them or different colored figures altogether?

    I have considered ordering Gray Germany infantry for SS units, Different Green for Marines, not sure for Guards (USSR), or SNLF, no idea what to use for UK/ANZAC (commandos?) or Italy. Any suggestions for a guy about to sink all my money into a soon to be wife and grad school would be handy. So cheaper is better ha ha!

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    Hi. Probably best not to buy the game, just for the pieces. You would have 20-30 units, which you could use, each costing you close to a Dollar. If you only want pieces, buy from HBG.
    Would look better to your wife too: the pieces come in small bags. Not a box. Can hide them more easily.

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    If money is a consideration (getting the most bang for the fewest bucks), my suggestion would be for you to first work out exactly what types of special units you want to create, for which counntries, in what numbers, and for what purposes, and to what extent you want these units to be identifiable by shape and by colour.  Once you know the answer, then it should be fairly straightforward (on the principle that “form follows function”) for you to decide which sculpts among the available pieces out there (from HBG, which has multiple set types, and/or out-of-the-box A&A, which comes in multiple editions) fit your requirements the best.  And you can then calculate whether purchasing them individually or as whole sets/whole games will fill your needs at the least cost.

    If money is no object, then you can use the simpler approach of buying whatever looks cool to you, then deciding afterwards what you want to do with it.

    Mixing the two approaches incrementally is also a valid solution, since you don’t need to come up with a comprehensive and complete system all at once.

    Personally, I own more copies of the 1941 game than I’m prepared to admit, purchased pretty much only for their sculpts, and I have no regrets about doing so.  Their sculpts are fully colour-compatible with the 1940 and 1942 games, and their unique designs are a very nice supplement to the conventional OOB A&A pieces.  The 1941 game is the cheapest one in the current A&A lineup of in-print games, which compensates for the fact that it contains relatively few pieces (solution: buy more than one copy) and for teh fact that not all of the A&A units types are included in it.  Think of its sculpts as specialized seasoning for the more extensive 1942 and 1940 games.

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    Too bad that 1941 doesn’t have Artillery sculpt.

    If it had been made different, then it would allows more easily to HR for Heavy Artillery based on this different sculpt.

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    I think its worth it, just for the warhawks hehe. Though I agree that the game would have been a much better investment (and a better play too) if it had included a unique artillery sculpt. The OOB 1941 game benefits immeasurably from the inclusion of artillery in the roster. I use 1942.2 art sculpts when I play it.

    Depends where you buy the game, but if you can pick up two copies and ship them at the same time, you get a decent number of fighters and tanks. You’re still left holding the bag on Italy, Anzac etc unfortunately.

    Revised has some nice colored units for UK and Germany, with lime greens and grays. I still like the mini stukas. The limes for China and the Grays for Vichy or Romania can be cool, you could probably get some mileage out of them.

    I wish HBG made a few more pieces to supplement the older boxed materials in similar sculpt colors. But you can still find some decent stuff there, might be cheaper. I like 1941 though. Its map is a crazy shuck-fest. Sucks to buy 2 or more copies just to get sculpts, since then you have another map you don’t need, but hey at least you can snap up a couple extra roundels in the process  😄

    I’m still surprised that A&A doesn’t put out supplemental materials for the regular boardgames. They did it for the miniatures game with the larger sculpts, but not the boardgame, and the boardgame is the only one I play! I like my sculpts tiny and matching the official materials when possible. 😉

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