Balanced mode - Axis bid strategy

  • Let`s say a word or two about Axis bid strategy in the Balanced mode version of A&A Global.

    Usually, players bid for Axis, so well stick to them first. Which nation is the best for giving bid to it? Which are the best bids for each nation? Lets see…

    I) Germany

    Definitely the best option for the Axis bid. It plays first, it has numerous attack options on it`s first turn, and it has to defend against UK ships and air early on.

    What are the best bid options for Germany?

    1) A sub (or two)

    A sub is the best bid for Germany. Germany faces 5 UK navies that can be striked on G1. Having an extra sub (or two) really helps, especially since 2/5 of that navies do not have a destroyer with them.

    2) Land unit/s for striking France

    An infantry or artillery in Holland Belgium and/or Western Germany, a mechanised infantry or tank in Germany and/or Greater Southern Germany can really help while attacking Paris on G1.

    3) Land unit/s for attacking Russia

    If Germany goes after Russia on G1, it is good to have an infantry or artillery in Poland/Slovakia Hungary/Romania.
    A mechanised infantry or tank in Germany or Greater Southern Germany can be of help too.
    Also an AA gun in Romania would be of help to move it to newly conquered Bessarabia.

    II Italy

    The next Axis power to which is good to give bid to it is Italy. Why Italy? Because it faces severe threats on land, air and sea from UK eary on. Also, Italy needs more transports and sea units to strike at UK faster and stronger. Let`s see what the best bid(s) for Italy would be…

    1) 2 marines

    A very good bid that helps Italy to strike Gibraltar, Malta, Crete, Cyprus early on. It also can be used for striking and/or taking (depends on Vichy) territories of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Syria. It gives wideness to the Italy early on.

    2) 1 transport, 1 infantry

    A similar bid that helps Italy to strike strong early on with more land troops.

    3) 1 submarine or 1 destroyer

    A ship more can aid in the defense of sz 97 that is sometimes attacked by UK on UK1. It can also help in later Italian moves, both for attacking and defending purposes.

    4) Land units to North Africa

    An infantry or artillery to Tobruk and/or mechanised infantry or tank to Libya can help a lot to strike Britain strong early on. The unit in Tobruk can also help to defend Tobruk on UK1. That seen, it is a good idea to put an AA gun there, to help defend on UK1, and in later turns, since UK has a powerfull RAF group near.

    5) 1 fighter

    A decent help from the air in attacking & defending against UK in the Med.

    III) Japan

    Japan is the last Axis nation that U will be bidding with. But, still it also can benefit from the bid. Japan does not need air units. It does not need more sea units too.

    It needs more land units to strike China stronger. So, the bids would be:

    1) An infantry or artillery

    Put it to Kwangsi and/or Kiangsi to strike Yunnan and Hunan more stronger.

    2) A mechanised infantry or tank

    Put it to Kiangsu to strike Yunnan and Hunan more stronger.

    3) An AA gun

    Best to put is to Kwangsi and/or Kiangsu to move it to Yunnan and Hunan and prevent Chinese to take those territories (easily).
    It can also be put to Jehol to move to Chahar for the same purposes.

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