Axis and allies global with risk

  • I’ve recently changed how the set up of the global game should be because with the historical setting every battle plan becomes predictable. The way risk comes into play is how the set up can occur. Each player has a capitol, 2 cities, 8 territories, and two colony territories. Players will pick all of these themselves so that the game is never the same adding to the challenge of winning. A players first pick is their capitol. A capitol is any red city (also including the territories of brazil and south africa so that they aren’t blocked off) its worth 10 icp. Once everyone has a capitol players take turns picking cities that must also be the cities on the board, worth 5. Then players take turns picking territories bordering a city they own. The colonies are last to be picked and can be any territory on the map so that they can expand in an area if needed. The colony territories don’t have to be away from other territories its just an option. Each space that isn’t taken is neutral and defends with a number of infantry equal to the icp value it has. Territories with no icp value default to 1. All normal territories owned add 1 icp to production. This is so no one has an advantage by picking european countries vs eastern russia. The icp you start with can vary I usually start at 150 icp. Units can be placed on any of their own territories. From this point you use normal rules on battles and movement. This version is the best that I’ve played because you never get the same set up and it requires more personal skill to win whether alone or allied with another player. Plz ask if you have any more questions!

  • Hey how do you post links? I have 2 other risk ones

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