Changed turn sequence for Axis and Allies World War 1

  • I would like to make a rule change for Axis and Allies World War 1 1914.  For game turn one
    have each nation take its turn as stated in the rules. For the next game turns each each nation will move as an ally. In other words all of the Central Powers will take their turn then all the Allies taking their turn. I found this sped up the game.  All players were involved in the game instead of waiting for each player to take its turn. What I didn’t like allied nations could defend together but they cannot attack together.  This made no sense historically. There are many times allied nations went on the offensive together… your thoughts and comments please

  • My thoughts are ‘this should be in the house rules section.’

    Anyway, its a nice house rule but its not anything unique.

  • Sounds interesting. How about just using “1 player/ turn” option, where if a player owns both UK and France, but none else, he can move with just those two in an attack? Not as extreme (or interesting), but a little more realistic in some ways.

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