Global 1940 2nd Edition with Minor Axis Powers as Separate Entities

  • Forenote:
    I know that for the most part adding more countries is just going to add unnecessary complications. However, I hope that some of you will enjoy these house rules and possibly critique them. I plan to add all the minor Axis and Allied powers as separate entities that can be added stand alone, or with all the powers together. For instance you could just add Finland or you could add 10 countries.

    Finland is now its own power. The standing army in Finland is replaced with the following:
    Finland: 3 infantry, 1 mech., 1 artillery, 1 AAA, 1fighter, minor IC.
    Also add these:
    SZ 115: 1 Finnish cruiser and 1 Russian destroyer.

    Political situation: Note that Helsinki (Finland) is considered to be Finland’s capital. Finland is neutral at start. It is not truly an Axis power however, Axis units may enter Finland at any time. Finland for the most part has its own status separate from the other Axis. Finland may declare war on Russia without involving Germany or the other Axis and vice versa. Note that Russia can declare war on Finland even if German units are in Finland. Russia of course may not attack Germany unless Germany declares war first or it is round 4+. Russia doesnot get its NOs for being at war with Finland.
    Finland may not declare war on any other Allied power unless they first declare war on Finland. As long as Finland is neutral to the Allies (excluding Russia) Finland may not move its land units into original Axis territories. Relationships between Finland and one Allied power won’t affect Finland’s relations with the other Allies. (UK and Finland can be at war while US and Finland are not.) If anything is blunt here just ask me and I will clearify.

    When Finland is at war with Russia:
    2 IPCs if Axis control Vyborg and Karelia. Theme: restoration of homeland territory.
    5 IPCs if Finland controls Novgorod(note that Germany won’t collect 5 IPCs as well since Finland is not an Axis power) Theme: removal of Soviet threat.
    1 IPC if US is not at war with Finland: Theme: beneficial trade with the Allies

    2 IPCs if US is not at war with Finland and Finland controls its capital. Theme: Money from Finland in exchange for weapons.

    5 IPCs for controlling.Finland. (note Russia does not receive 3 IPCs for Finland since it is not Axis)


    Political situation:
    Romanian is politically allied with Germany and shares its rules.

    Setup changes:
    Romanian is its own entity now and starts the game with Romania (and its capital Bucharest is there). Remove German units in Romania.
    Romania: 2 infantry, 1 artillery,  1 tank, major IC (also add one German infantry)
    SZ 100: 1 transport, 1 destroyer, 1 cruiser (also add 1 Soviet sub and destroyer)

    2 IPCs if Axis control Besserabia. Theme: Reclaimed homeland territory.
    3 IPCs if Axis control Romanian and the factory there does not have any damage. Theme: control of major oil industries. Note! Germany starts the game with this NO as part of its IPCs in hand.

    Political situation: Since Slovakia and Hungary are represented in one space, they are represented as one entity and will hereafter be referred to as Hungary. They are allied with Germany and share its political situation.

    remove German units in Hungary.
    Hungary: 2 infantry, 1 tank, major IC (also add one German tank)
    Poland: add one German fighter

    3 IPCs if Axis control Hungary. Theme: control of major industries. Note that Germany gets this in starting IPCs in hand.
    2 IPCs: if Axis control France: Theme: success of Hungarian tanks.

    Turn order, starting income, and starting IPCs in hand (note that some receive more IPCs in hand than there total income): (if you aren’t using some countries just remove them from the order)
    Germany 24/30
    Romania 3/3
    Slovakia/Hungary 3/3
    Soviet Union 37/37
    Finland 2/3
    Japan 26/26
    United States 52/52
    China 12/12
    United Kingdom E 28/28 P 17/17
    Italy 10/10
    ACZAC 10/10
    France 19/19

    If you don’t want to buy separate units, use a distant power’s pieces such as Japan’s ANZAC’s or France’s. (WW1 pieces or HBG’ 1939 are great too)

  • Is super.

  • Thank you kind sir. If you get the chance, try it out and give me the results. I am adding Romanian today. 😉 I am changing a few things for Finland as well.

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