Preview copy of 1942 2nd Edition might be arriving soon

  • Soon is so looooonnggggggg

    Sorry, i want this game so bad……

  • '19 '15 '12

    So excited!

  • '12

    Comments deleted. My apologies.

  • @Rommel0633:

    Yes, totally unacceptable. Especially when refusing to pass along any pictures at all.

    Keep in mind that, with yesterday’s posting of a link to the full rulebook, we already have more detailed information about 1942 than was in David’s opening-the-box video for 1941.  We know the equipment models and classes of every sculpt in the game; we have a picture (even if not a big detailed one) of the game map; and we know the complete rules.  Not bad, all things considered.  The rulebook, in fact, has given us so much information that David’s preview has to some extent been overtaken by events.  The only thing really missing at this point is actual photographs.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    You’ll have to excuse me but I was on vacation and just returned. The timing was very bad and I attempted to work on this over the vacation but my internet access was spotty and I went for nearly half the vacation without internet access. I worked offline as much as I could, which is why I have two previews ready to go.

    On top of that Variable has written two articles including a review of the game. Yes, you have the rules now but you have not played the game (except for Smorey and maybe some playtesters) so a game review will still be useful.

    The box opening video is just for fun, it shows you some things but it’s really just for excitement.

    If you think you could have done a better job, then feel free to start your own site and see what happens when life or work interferes with the release of a game.

    Comments like these are very discouraging.


    Yes, totally unacceptable. Especially when refusing to pass along any pictures at all.

  • '12

    My sincerest apologies to you sir. I was not aware of the fact that you were on vacation. I always believe family is first. I made a comment from a limited point of view that was ultimately un-true and selfish.

    Once again, I sincerely apologize and ask that you accept that apology.

    Thankyou for the review.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Apology accepted.

    On my side, I should have done a better job of informing the community of my absence. I apologize and will do better next time.


  • @Canuck12:


    Donation made.

    Don’t want to confuse him with different rules and different playing styles and pieces when he’s just starting out. Trying to get what will be the standard and start him off on a good footing. Sometimes you have to wait for good things but it would be nice to know what you’re waiting for.

    And it was posted end of week would when info was released… So that was why I asked.

    If your son is 9 I might recommend the new 1941 edition. It is by far the simplest and best introductory version to come out since the original Milton Bradley edition. Give him 2 years or so of this had he will be moving up to through 1942, anniversary and eventually… Global 1940. But for a 9 yo the new 41 is a great place to start. 1942 2nd Ed will be even more complex than the current 1942 edition which is still probably a lot for a 9 yo. If you want him to love it he has to be able to be a pro and 1941 is the best chance that he will be able to develop his own strategy and take you down in a game or two. Plus then every successive edition will always have new, more fun, complex and historical elements to it!

    Just my 2 cents. Happy gaming.

    And I second that motion.  I have a 9 year old son as well.  He likes watching us play AA and rolling dice but loves the structure of 1941 much better now they made it simpler.  And everyone at Origins that played for the first time, including adults loved it as well…

    Gregory J. Smorey
    Axis & Allies Event Organizer/GM - GEN CON/Origins/Spring Gathering

    “The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself” - MacArthur

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