• @Paksos:

    A J3/J4 DoW in my view is usually because Japan has accepted that his role is to help Germany/Italy win in Europe. Consequently, he’s probably going for China to get a bit of extra $$$ and Russia to ease Germany’s Barbarossa while keeping America off Germany’s back long enough that Germany can get into a  better position to deal with him when the time comes.

    That’s what i did with my last Japan game and we had a runaway victory.  😄

    That is also exactly how we won with the Axis. Japan managed to hold the USA off by keeping its fleet together at all times and by investing in a couple of aircraft carriers. That changes the battle when they can bring all those extra planes into the navel battle. Have the USA come to you. Don’t go to them. That way you can scramble those 3 extra planes off your island. And for godsakes keep your fleet together and intact. Japans first goal is China. After that help Germany take out Russia. Then Focus on India. But invade by land not by see. Let the USA try to smash a fleet full of fighters. Be creative and think outside the box and you can hold the USA off, that is the only other thing Japan has to really do, is keep the USA focus away from Germany and they are winning half the battle already.

  • TripleA

    J3/J4 dow is only if you are industrial bombing russia with japan. Allies have to take as much ground as possible, because russia will fall come G5 or G6, afterwhich usa/uk have to put enough to defend london and egypt.

    Japan’s best window is J1 if he wants to attempt a pacific victory.

    As allies, there are only a handful of strategies. You can race pacific against europe and go full KJF. You can prepare a massive d day landing off gibraltar, basically build up to take italy / liberate france (you pretty much sit there till your one big attack is good to go). Or you can attempt to turtle up russia/calcutta.

    A J3/J4 dow pretty much makes KJF the best bet for allies.

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