• As it is common for Germany and Japan to Strat Bomb India and Moscow, does anyone have experience with running a campaign of strat bombing Germany with the UK? This in a KGF or KJF scenario.

    For exemple, buying every round one strat bomber and focusing on the every factory you can reach from London on. You can even perform a raid on Berlin the turn Germany invades USSR and stacks on Eastern Poland.
    When going KJF, you have nearly no other way of giving some pain to Germany other than Middle Earth Strategy.

  • Bombing in OOB works. If it didn’t then BM wouldn’t have made fighters attack/defend at 2. Meaning it’s a bit overpowered strategy which the allies can somewhat exploit.

    I have always hated the unescorted Heavy bombing strategy since classic. Sending in daylight unescorted bombers got plenty of them killed. Plenty died even with fighter cover.

    Bombers that must stay on target should be easier to shoot down than at a 1.

  • Instead of escort @1 and interceptors @2 is now in BM escorts @2 and interceptors @2 ?
    Then I agree with that. Promotes more bombing

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