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    Has anybody tried giving both the axis and the allies a bid? The allied one would be significantly larger (like 40IPCs to the allies and 10IPCs to the axis).

    The way I think this would work is it would be blind, both sides would place their bids independently. I could see this being lopsided to the axis due to their ability to make key battles on the first round go just slightly more in their favor giving them more flexibility. (an extra german sub, or an infantry in western germany and holland-belgium, or the italians add a sub to sz97). But i think by making the allies bid large enough to compensate this could lead to some wacky scenarios.

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    I haven’t heard of that suggestion. May prove interesting to adventurous players : )

  • that seems wierd, and unworkable. You can’t bid for both sides.
    If I bid 10 for the axis, and 40 for the allies, while my opponend bids 100 for the axis and 130 for the allies. Do I play both sides? or do I play the allies at 40 against axis at 100?

    If you were to try it (adding units to both sides. You would agree that both sides get X IPC to place, and then have a regular bid.

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    There is an A&A game with similar rules. Axis & Allies Europe (the original one, not the Europe 1940 games) gave Germany 12 IPCs at the very beginning of the game, to spend as Germany saw fit. Then the Allied powers were given 12 IPCs to spend as the Allies saw fit. Then the rest of the game commenced.

    So, I would guess you are suggested something like that for G40, with an Allied bid to go on top of the extra Allied money. If I were to do something like that, I would have the Allies go first, then the Axis, then the Allied bid. It would make for a wild setup, that’s for sure.


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