What bid do you feel the Axis should have to balance Global 1940?

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    For those who have never played with a bid before, a bid adds money that can be spent by a side on units and cash that can either go into their bank to be used during purchase units or placed with any naval units or on any territory they start with.  ie:  Japan could put a transport in SZ 33 because they have an Aircraft Carrier and Destroyer in SZ 33.  Russia COULD put an infantry in Rostov even though they dont have any units there yet because they control it at the start of the game and it is a ground territory. (Note, used to demonstrate only, Russia would not be getting the bid as they are an allied nation and all options are for the axis to receive a bid.)  One could also place more than one unit in a territory with a bid, if Germany had 8 IPC bid, they could place 2 Artillery in Romania.  Bids can also be split: 15 IPC could be 1 Infantry for Japan, 1 Infantry in S. Italy, 1 Infantry in N. Italy, 1 Infantry in W. Germany and 1 Infantry in Germany.

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    Bids should be specific to the Pacific.

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    Or bids are for ground units only.

    I prefer to bid for total VCs

  • Can’t really vote until Alpha +3 is out… 😐

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    As far as I can tell, Alpha 3 will be released the day after never.

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    Wow that soon?

    I agree with Jim’s position.

    Part of the BID, should also be the optional German Sub Rule.

    Incorporate it or to not, kind of like the old days of “Russia Restricted” and “Axis Advantage”

    I’m liking where this is going.

  • I would rather try little improvements before going to a unit bid as well.  German Sub rule, restrict UK1 so they cannot attack Italy.  Things like that.

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    I would be happy with German Interdiction as the bid.  I am just trying to figure out what is acceptable for the upcoming tournament since I am almost certain at this point that Larry was punking us and there will be no Alpha 3.

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    Question:  Is upping the Convoy Raid Damage U-Boats do (for Germany only) enough to counter the need of a bid?  Or should Japan still get 1 or 2 IPC as well?

  • I would say 12 IPC’s max. Somewhere between 8 and 12 IPC’s.

  • Fifteen to split between the three of the Axis would be cool, I think this could help them by giving them the opportunity to make as many gains as possible early in the game. If the Axis can’t get it done early then I think the Allies will eventually win.
        I think if you dump all 15 into any one of the Axis it may be too much
        I like it the way it is, and this weekend we’ll see who gets the victory. Last weekend was the super sized Anniv. with the A&A Mini’s
        The 2 weeks prior have been Axis victories, there are some variables like who draws what and do you have for a teammate and how the dice fall and if you try something a little different
        I’ll keep ya’ll posted

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    I have found a lot of my axis victories have been based on my opponent not knowing what I was doing until I had already done it.  I also find a lot of my losses with the allies are the same thing: surprise.

    Personally, I am starting to lean towards the Interdiction Optional Rule for Germany + 3-6 IPC for the axis to split, with full placement (meaning nothing held in reserve).  Perhaps as much as 8 IPC, if I find the arguments convincing.

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    I say 7, 4 to Japan, 3 to Germany and they can bank it if they wish.

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