• My friend used his tt from sea zone 39 to transport one inf from india and the one from west india and landed them on persia to activate its army. So his question to me which I couldn’t really answer was does Calcutta get the ipcs since the infantry used were colonial infantry or does London get it cuz persia is on the European side of the map?

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    London gets them.

  • Sadly the ipcs go to london because of which board it is one.  This really hurt me( sort of) in the last game I played.  I held off in taking persia waiting for a couple of US transports to land men there so the US could build a factory there. Sealion was a success at this point.  The US was 2 turns away from Persia when some very opportunistic landings in the south pacific presented themselves so the us wasn’t coming.  Uk pacific then took Persia to help counter the menace italy had become and the ipcs went to a dead power.

  • Thnx for the quick answers guys, my friend will prob find the answer to be a downer lol good thing we stopped after anzacs turn, we’re still in the first round of play w the new set up and so far things seem pretty well balanced. Thnx again for the answers, I’m off to plot my italain revenge against his remaining royal navy after a failed attack againt my regia marina muahaha :evil:

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