What games can I play with the 1939 map?

  • So thinking about buying the 1939 global map but wondering what differnet games or versions of the games can I play with the map.

  • @Warhawk77 I suppose the short answer to your question is that there’s only one game you can play with it, and that is their game that goes with that map. It’s not compatible with any of their other games.

    However, if you’re going to buy one, I highly suggest you buy their 3rd Edition 1936 map instead. It’s much much better, and gives you the options for a 1936 or 1939 start time.

    All that said, I’m sure you could buy the 1939 map, utilize it’s setups, and just adopt whatever you might want from their 1936 series instead. That’s certainly part of the fun, you can certainly take bits and pieces from each and in effect create your own game if you wanted!

  • @Chris_Henry thanks for that info. I did see the 1936 map so that will be the one I get.

    I need to pick a size. I like the idea of the 48x96 but that is the same size of my table so that wont leave room for stuff on the table.

  • @Warhawk77 Yeah, that’s the downsize we have too. I have the 2nd Edition map, which only came in two sizes. We got the 48x96 one (the largest for version 2). It was bigger than the table we have, but we have particle board that is the exact same size we lay on top. But then we have the same problem as you, everything else is laying on chairs all around us really. We’d love a bigger space and table, maybe some day.

    If I do get the 3rd Edition map, it’s going to be hard to resist the temptation of the even bigger size. I’d have to find a way to make that work. While the 48x96 is great, you definitely do still see some overcrowding in most of Europe and a lot of other smaller areas that are important around the map. So I default to saying the bigger the better if you can make it work!

  • @Chris_Henry I was wondering about the map being crowded. I have been printing air bases and shipyards because I like those better than the counters in global 1940. But those will make things more crowded for sure.

    I might order the big one just hate to loose all the table space.

  • 5759CC06-1D30-40FE-B9C7-13ECBCE2AA78.jpeg

    Find the room. Pays off.

  • @Warhawk77 Yeah, it’s definitely not TOO bad. It’s much better than a crowded AA1940 map in Europe is. But when you get the game going you realize some spots are still hard. Some of this thins out of course. Western Europe is a nightmare until Germany takes out France and any other minors. Eastern Europe can be a bit of pain too until war breaks out. Won’t always happen in games, but southeast Asia can get messy too if the Chinese, FEC, and Japan are all down there.

    I’m with you too, I have used actual bases. There’s a guy on Shapeways who sells awesome naval bases, airbases, factories, etc. EBard also has a great set of capitals to use for aesthetics too. Happy to send you any links to those things if you’re at all interested. HBG and others also have other pieces too, bunkers, shore guns, etc. It’s not cheap, but if you have the funds to add to your games over time I think it’s worth it. I end up playing most games with my dad and brother, and my dad (62 years old) has a hard time seeing the printed on or card board bases beneath all the units. The 3D printed things make it much easier. Yes, more crowded for sure, but it definitely enhances our game play.

  • @SS-GEN That’s awesome, not sure I’ve seen your war room before! We’d love to have it eventually!

    My dad has been living with my grandma for a while now (partly because of his divorce, and also to help grandma around the house). So we play there on the dining room table. My dad’s dream is to eventually get his own place again and convert any spare bedroom to an awesome war room and get a sweet custom made table. Would love to do all that myself too, but house is probably too small and wife would probably murder me!

    Love your setup there. I always envision damn near the same thing!

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