The Turkian part of the new map

  • The first pic show the old map, where the eastern part of Turkey were not adjacent to the Med, and the sec pic show the new map where a fighter can move from Caucasus into the Med and back again, which is no good from any historical or realistic points of view

  • The first pic show how I would like to see Turkey split, and sec pic is the original AA Turkey

    P1000911 (640x480).jpg
    P1000909 (640x480).jpg

  • I really liked that 2nd map from your first post, how did you get it?

  • @ghr2:

    I really liked that 2nd map from your first post, how did you get it?

    If you are on facebook, just search for Historical Board Gaming, they have posted lots of pics of the new map there, man. Pics of the old map can be fount on BGG.

    Now, why do you like the 2nd map ? The eastern part of Turkey is adjacent to both the Med and Caucasus, which opens for gamey exploitations of aircrafts. The Tobruk city circle look silly, and the new map even miss Cyprus. Now, I understand that the new artwork look cool, but the old map was far superior from a gaming point of view.

  • cyprus is under the cruiser

  • You meant “the Turkish part” of the map right? 😛

    I agree with your point Narvik.  You think the designers have a reasonable chance to consider that revision?

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