Current 2020 Global 1940 2nd Edition Bid?

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    This was the official way of bidding in the league many moons ago. But I suppose I’ll have to get used to the new bidding rules. I definitely understand why teh bids are so high with the unit placement limits.

  • At some point around a 60 bid, Russia can help stack Yunnan on R2 with planes+fast movers and help prevent Japan from capturing any of the British territories in Asia. With Japan hurting so badly for income, I would think that a 100% KGF strategy from USA would be adequate to prevent Germany from winning unless the Allies get diced in risky early-game battles such as a low-odds attack on Egypt. Prolonged income differences are virtually impossible to overcome in a TripleA match; almost anything is possible in live play especially with a mixture of novices and experts.

  • @Arthur-Bomber-Harris
    Yep - that Yunnan stack can be a pain.

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