For Global 2nd Ed Question is India's Industrial Complex is it a Major or Minor?

  • Just confirming it is a Major Industrial complex.

    For some reason when we set up the game board we placed a minor.
    And verified in Triple A they have a minor in both global and just pacific.

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    Sir  Cala: it is a Major.
    I am playing some AAA Global and have bought and placed more than 3 units.
    Which version are you playing that is showing it as Minor?

  • World War II Pacific 1940 2nd Edition
    Map Name: World War II Pacific Number Of Players: 8

    okay you can place more than 3 but when you look at the territory it says base production 3 when looking at the territory tab

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    Thank you. I had not noticed.
    If you can place 10 units, I would not worry.
    You are right to remember it is a Major. It is Australia that has the Minor.

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    “Base Production” simply means the amount of IPCs that territory gives, which happens to be “3”

    In many A&A games, the IPC production of a territory is directly linked to the limit of the amount of troops that may be produced from a factory there. (Which I guess is why its called “Base Production” in TripleA)

    In Pacific/Europe/Global 1940, the factory production limit is not linked to the IPC production of the territory they’re on.

  • ok that makes sense

  • there is only an indirect link.
    a 1 (or 0) ipc terr cant get a factory, and thus cant produce anything
    a 2 ipc terr cant get a major factory, an is thus limited to 3 units produced
    a 3 or more terr can build a major IC an is limited to 10 units produced (this is only a limitation for eastern and central USA with production of 12 and 20  ipcs)

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