• In 1940 I always thought that China could only leave its own territories for Kwangtung. I was playing a game and someone moved them to Burma. In the Pacific rules it says that allowed. Is that the case in Global as well as Pacific? I wasn’t sure if that was only in Pacific because It wasn’t in Global rules and since there are such fewer countries in Pacific with it being lopsided not sure if that was made to help.

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    The China rules of the Pacific 1940.2 rulebook (page 10) are valid for Global, too:

    However, Kwangtung and Burma are special cases. Although they are not Chinese
    territories, Chinese forces can move into them. These are the only non-Chinese
    territories that Chinese units can occupy. China can even temporarily control them,
    but only if it recaptures them from the Axis while India is under Axis control.

    See page 33:

    Consult the Pacific 1940 rulebook when dealing with game systems unique to that game,
    such as Kamikaze strikes, rules specific to China, and so on.

    HTH 🙂

  • @Panther Thank you for verifying it for me.

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