Rule Questions/Clarifications Please???

  • Hi, here’s a list of things I would like clarified please, sorry if some are redundant:

    1. Victory Conditions. If Japan achieves enough victory cities, when exactly does victory actually occur? Does it simply finish “the round” being played (ie. ending with France), or does it complete a FULL round (starting with Germany, ending with France), or does it complete a round back to itself (ie. start of next Japanese turn)?

    2. Russia is a neutral country, but it’s allowed to attack Japan at any time, right?

    3. Strategic Bombing Raids: Can tactical bombers be used as “escorts/interceptors”? or is it strictly fighters? Also, if a player raids a territory that contains fighters, do these fighters HAVE to intercept the raid? Or does the defending player chose how many, if any, interceptors he will use?

    4. How EXACTLY are casualties chosen in a battle (aside from special units like subs etc.)? Does the attacker roll his TOTAL amount of hits before the defender chooses casualties, or does it technically work one die roll at a time?

    5. Can the US build a Minor IC in the Philippines? Can it do this while not yet at war? Likewise could India build a Minor IC in say Borneo or Malaya?

    6. If Japan invades FIC, does that cause a state or war with anyone other than France? Or does it simply mean that Japan loses its 10 IPC bonus?

    7. If the US takes Morocco while France is under Axis control, Morocco becomes a US captured territory, right? If the UK then lands troops in Morocco and liberates France at the same time, Morocco immediately becomes French again, yes? If France is then retaken by the Axis, who controls Morocco, US or UK?

    8. When Germany and USSR are not yet at war, Germany may unload transports in Finland during NCM in SZ 115 whilst Russian warships are in SZ 115, right?

    9. Pro Axis/Allied neutral territories are “occupied” during NCM only, right? For example, can Italy “blitz” a tank from Trans-Jordan through Syria, then into Iraq, thus “occupying” it, even though “blitzing” is an attack during CM?

    10. If Germany captures London the US may IMMEDIATELY declare war on ALL Axis powers, right? Does the US IMMEDIATELY receive its IPC bonuses and IC upgrades, or does it receive its bonuses on its next collect income phase?

    11. Is a sub considered a “warship”? Example: Can a transport make an amphibious assault in a SZ containing an enemy sub if the assaulting player has an “escorting” sub?" What if there are allied warships in the same SZ, can the attacking player still make the amphibious assault without an escort?

    12. Can Japan capture unoccupied DEI territories without causing a state of war with any Allied powers?

    13. If the US is provoked (has war declared on it by ONE Axis power), the US may IMMEDIATELY declare war on ALL Axis powers, right?

  • I can answer a few of these for you Rammstein:

    1: I don’t know the official version, we always play a full round.  So Japan would have to hold the required VP’s until their next turn.

    2: Right, paying 12 ipcs to Japan.

    3: Tac bombers can only be bombers! 🙂  you can choose to intercept if you want, and how many.

    4: You got it, attacker rolls his units, add up the total hits.  Defender removes casualties.  Defender rolls for all units.  Attacker removes casualties, go on to Round 2…

    5: You cannot build IC’s on islands in this version, so no one can build on Philipines.  India could build an IC on Malaya prior to war, it’s their territory.

    6: correct.

    7: Morocco remains French until conquered by the Axis.  If US lands there and its not Axis controlled, it remains French.

    8: right, the ships ignore each other when not at war.

    9: No, that example wouldn’t work.  The tank moved in combat movement, so it’s done.  Even though it has 1 movement point, you cannot move in combat and then in noncombat.  The tank could blitz Syria and then back to Trans Jordan.

    10:  US has its factories upgraded, it only receives its NO money on its next Collect income phase, same for India and ANZAC.

    11. We play that subs are indeed warships, just not surface warships.  They can escort subs.

    12. Sadly no, this makes everyone want to attack Japan.

    13: Yep.

    hope that helped.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m still not sure about 7. though. I thought that because France has no capitol that it’s territories are fair game for anyone until its liberated?

  • Official Q&A

    Assuming Alpha+.2:

    1. A full round is required.

    4. All attack rolls are made before the defender selects casualties.  Submarine Surprise Strikes occur before anything else, and are fully resolved before other rolls.

    6. Japan need only go to war with France to invade FIC.

    7. Yes to both.  If France is retaken by the Axis, Morocco remains French-controlled until the Axis takes it.

    10. The US may declare war in its next Combat Move phase.  As JimmyHat said, its ICs are upgraded immediately, but it collects NO IPCs in its Collect Income phase.

    11. Allied warships don’t count.  It must be one of yours.

    12. Japan must declare war on UK/ANZAC before invading Dutch territories.

    13. The US may declare war on any or all Axis powers in its next Combat Move phase.

  • Official Q&A


    Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m still not sure about 7. though. I thought that because France has no capitol that it’s territories are fair game for anyone until its liberated?

    Only if they are captured by the Axis first.  You can’t capture territories from your Allies (Dutch territories are an exception).

  • Thank you Krieghund.

    Yes, Alpha +2.

    Still, to clarify:

    1. A full round means what JimmyHat described, yes?

    7. So, how would it work if the US captures Morocco from Italy’s control and then the rest of what I described occurs? Who ends up in control, US or UK? Basically, the US can own the original French territory as long as it was taken from an Axis power?

  • Do you play Alpha 2

  • Official Q&A

    1. Yes.

    7. France controls it, until it is taken by an Axis power.

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