• I have an issue and I haven’t found any posts on it. Any advice, opinions, or rulings would be appreciated.

    1. I have a Japan fleet in SZ56 on the west coast of US. US mobilizes Submarines in the same Sea Zone. I believe I can move west one SZ and move back and conduct combat. That would give me the ability to retreat correct? Do I have to make the move out and back in, in order to have the retreat option, or are there any rulings on the issue?

    2. Same issue however US mobilizes surface ships creating a hostile SZ. Can I go out and then back in to give me the opportunity to retreat? The rules on pg 14 say you can “#2 leave SZ, load units if desired, and conduct combat elsewhere” and “#3leave SZ to load units, and return to same SZ to conduct combat”. #3 does not give you the option if desired. If you follow the rules to the letter the only way to conduct combat, and have the retreat option would be moving out to load a transport then returning to conduct combat.

    3. Continuation of question #2, If I have aircraft carriers in my fleet in SZ 56 and I choose to move only those as my option to leave the sea zone I do get the full 2 movement spaces correct?

    4. Continuation of question #1, Japan fleet in SZ 56, US mobilizes submarines. Now my sea units are not starting in a hostile SZ, however I will be creating a hostile SZ. I still want to attack but not with my aircraft carriers. Can I attack with my fleet and still move my aircraft carriers out before combat?


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    1. You are correct. For the ability to retreat you indeed need to establish a retreat route during Combat Move Phase. So move a ship/your fleet for example from SZ56 to SZ57 and then back to SZ56. That would allow you to retreat to SZ 57 after the first round of combat.

    2. Said option #3 offers a chance to load units when starting in a hostile seazone. So your conclusion is correct. Load a transport (“Leave the sea zone to load units…”) to establish a retreat route. Otherwise #1 applies - and #1 does not include establishing a retreat route. Alternatively let another attacking unit establish a retreat route for your fleet, moving there starting from another seazone.
      (#2 offers a chance to attack/amphibiously assault anywhere else.)

    3. Here option #4 applies for the carriers, that can indeed move 2 spaces.

    4. As you correctly said the carriers don’t start in a hostile seazone. You can move out your carriers, as long as their movement matches the rules for Combat Moves (see page 13).

    HTH 😃

  • @Panther

    Thanks for the clarification and quick response!

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